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Antebellum American


Slave State A state that permits slavery
Free State a state that does not permit slavery
States' Rights the rights and responsibilities of states are more important than that of the federal government
Missouri Compromise a compromise over slavery which determined missouri would be a slave state and Maine would be a free state
Underground Railroad a network of houses that run-a-way slaves could take shelter in
Compromise of 1850 st a number of laws that allowed California to be part of the union and determined some some of the states areas and discussed slavery of the states.
Popular Sovereignty the right that those in a specific area can decide on a issue. ex slavery
Insurrection an armed rebellion
treason when someone betrays there own country
martyr a person who dies for a cause
secede to leave, break off of
Confederate States of AMerca a government made ion 1861 that consisted of states that suceded from the union
Platform the morals and ideas that a specific politcal party supports
moderate a person who is not an extremist
mandate power given to someone to perform a task
agrarian relating to the cultivation of land
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