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HTS Gambrell Date 2

Dates for test 2 of History, Technology, and Society Course taught by Gambrell

When was coal first successfully used by Abraham Darby? 1709
When did coal become more commonly used? 18th and 19th centuries
When did Henry Colt invent the puddling and rolling method? 1784
When did Bessemer invent his method of steel production? 1856
When did Thomas Savery invent the Steam Pump? 1600s
When did Thomas Newcomen invent the Newcomen engine? 1790
When did James Watt invent the Separator Condenser? 1776
When was the high pressure steam engine independently invented by Oliver Evans and Richard Trevithick? Start of 19th century
When was the first locomotive made by Richard Trevithick? 1803
What was the golden age of steamboats? 1815-1860
When was the first steamboat invented by John Fitch? 1790
When did Robert Fulton come up w/ American steamboat? 1803-1807
When did Eli Whitney promise he could make 10,000 muskets in 2 years? 1788
When did Samuel Colt live? 1814-1862
When did Elisha Root live? 1808-1863
When did Charles Newbold invent the Cast-iron plow? 1797
When did John Deere start making his steel plow? 1837
When did John Deere move to Moline, Illinois? 1846
When did Cyrus McCormick live? 1809-1882
When did Moore and Hascall invent the combine? 1836
When did John Froelich invent the gasoline tractor? 1892
When were circular saws invented? 1814
When were bandsaws invented? 1819
When were replacable teeth invented? 1840s
When were chainsaws invented? 1917
When was the Forest Service created? 1905
When was the Second Industrial Revolution? 1850-1914
When was electromagnetic induction discovered by Michael Faraday? 1821
When was the mathematical theory of electromagnetic induction discovered by James Clerk Maxwell? 1856
When did Edison invent his light bulb? 1879
When did Nikola Tesla invent his machine that translated AC into mechanical energy? 1888
When was celluloid invented? 1869
When was Rayon invented? 1891-2
When was Bakelite invented? 1909
When was the first combustible engine invented? 1859
When did Otto invent his engine? 1876
When did Dailmer invent his engine? 1885
When did Benz invent the first internal-combustion motorcar? Soon after 1885
When did John Stevens invent the first American locomotive? 1825
Created by: bird1111