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American Revolution

American Revolutionary War: Part 1

appointed commander of Patriot troops George Washington
was killed at Quebec Richard Montgomery
was slowed down by sickness and bad weather in Montreal on the way to Quebec Richard Montgomery
proposed that Congress declare independence Richard Henry Lee
ran out of food on the way to Quebec Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen
brought ammunition to be used in battle for Boston Henry Knox
wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
was wounded at Quebec Benedict Arnold
Where was Benedict Arnold on his way to when his riverboats leaked? Quebec
Where was ammunition brought from to be used in the battle for Boston? Ft. Ticonderoga
Chandeliers were used to form a barrier against the British at the battle for....... Boston
The Provincial Congress declared a day of fasting after the loss at....... Quebec
Who won the battle for Quebec? British
Who won the battle for Boston? Patriots (Americans)
How did Henry Knox get the ammunition and cannons from Ft. Ticonderoga to Boston? on sleds
Who did not vote at all for independence? New York
How many colonies voted in favor of independence? 12
What was attached to the front of the chandeliers? barrels of stones
Which two commanders worked together to take Ft Ticonderoga and then again later at Quebec? Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen
How did George Washington begin his day? with prayer time
What kinds of things did George Washington do that made him a good military leader? 1-Organized his staff 2-Replaced officers who could not do the job 3-Ordered training exercises 4-Rode among his soldiers 5-Punished those who disobeyed
What kinds of things did George Washington do that might prove he was a Christian? 1-Directed soldiers to fear God and practiced Christian virtues 2-Respected God's word 3-Maintained a daily prayer life
What problems did Patriot troops encounter on their way to Quebec? 1-Riverboats leaked 2-Icy rapids damaged boats more 3-Rain raised river to 10 feet 4-Ran out of food
Name four reasons the Declaration of Independence was important. 1-Stated reasons for rebelling 2-Listed 27 wrongs by King George III 3-Explained how the new nation would be governed 4-Stated that the colonists stood together.
Name the six battles discussed to date in order and the winner of each. B=British/A=American 1-Lexington (B) 2-Concord (A) 3-Ft. Ticonderoga (A) 4-Bunker Hill (B*) 5-Quebec (B) 6-Boston (A)
Created by: kathy galati