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Vocab Unit 1-4

exclusion to prevent a group from immigrating to a country
assimilation cultural absorption of a minority group into the dominant cultural group
imperialism political and economic expansion to obtain raw materials and resources
roosevelt corollary foreign police action in Latin and South America
isolatinism policy preventing the US from engaging in the affairs of Europe
homesteading 160 acres to settle the western plains
manifest destiny America was destined to conquer and control all the lands between the 2 oceans
monopolies 1 or 2 businesses control the production of a good or service
muckrakers expose writing
tenement urban living
nationalism devotion to one's native country
suffrage Amendment 19
nativism policy favoring citizens rather than immigrants
grange economic, social, and political associations favoring farm reform
populism political party known as the people's party supportive of farmers and laborers
unions supported laborers right to fair wages and shorter work hours
reservation location set aside for native peoples
civil service government employment based on merit
social darwinism survival of the fittest
graft form of bribery used by political bosses
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