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What did John Deere invent? The plow
Nearly four million of these arrived in the U.S. between 1840 and 1860. immigrants
This system of hiring factory workers utilized unmarried women from local towns. Lowell System
Religion of most Irish immigrants. Roman Catholic
Why was the American population against Irish immigration in the 1800s? There was a conflict between separate religions.
Where was the first textile mill in the U.S. built and when? Pawtucket, RI, 1790
Hand-powered spinning wheel which was revolutionary because of how it could be placed inside people's homes. Spinning Jenny
What did James Hargreaves invent? The Spinning Jenny
What did Richard Arkwright invent? The water frame
What did Cyrus McCormick invent? The mechanical reaper
What did Samuel Morse invent? The telegraph
Who invented Morse Code? (NOT Samuel Morse) Alfred Lewis Vail
Why did the popularity of the telegraph grow with the popularity of railroads? Telegraph wires were posted across railroads.
What was the first commercial-sized steamboat tested in France? The Clermont
What did Isaac Singer invent? The sewing machine
What system involved hiring families to work in factories? The Rhode Island System
Dirty, overcrowded multi-room buildings where poor families lived. Tenemants
System of dots and dashes used to communicate messages. Morse Code
Wires where the telegrams were transmitted through. telegraph wires
The fastest form of travel most people had ever experienced in the 1800s. Railroads
In what country did the Industrial Revolution begin? Great Britain
What did the Know-Nothing Party do? They raised anti-immigration feelings in the U.S. without anyone knowing their motives.
How did the Industrial Revolution begin? (In Britain) Manufacturers started to produce machines to minimalize production times of most goods which were typically made by hand.
What did Eli Whitney invent? interchangeable parts
What did Samuel Slater do? He knew how to make machines in Britain and helped Americans when he immigrated to the U.S.
Cloth items. Textiles
Period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and production. Industrial Revolution
When did populations and businesses really begin to grow in the U.S.? The mid-1700s
What was the first manufacturing breakthrough of the Industrial Revolution? Whitney's interchangeable-parts idea
Making large numbers of goods that are exactly alike Mass production
Why didn't the Industrial Revolution begin in the U.S.? Land was abundant in the U.S. so there was more farms. Land was scarce to Britain resorted to factories.
When did Americans realize they were relying too much on foreign goods? When they started to make their own goods and there was a positive outcome.
1st American built steam locomotive? Tom Thumb
What is the capital of Pennsylvania? Harrisburg
What is the capital of New York? Albany
What is the capital of New Jersey? Trenton
What is the capital of Ohio? Columbus
What is the capital of West Virginia? Charleston
What is the capital of Delaware? Dover
What is the capital of Connecticut? Hartford
What is the capital of Rhode Island? Providence
What is the capital of Maryland? Annapolis
What is the capital of Massachusetts? Boston
What is the capital of New Hampshire? Concord
What is the capital of Vermont? Montpelier
What is the capital of Maine? Ausgusta
What is the capital of Michigan? Lansing
What is the capital of Indiana? Indianapolis
What is the capital of Illinois? Springfield
What is the capital of Wisconsin? Madison
What is the capital of Virginia? Richmond
What message did the first official telegraph depict? "What hath God wrought?"
Name the three main waves of U.S. immigration. 1. Colonial Era 2. Mid-1800s 3. 1880-1920
Social and economic level between rich and poor Middle class
Americans who were opposed to immigration Nativists
Why did the Irish immigrate to the U.S.? The Potato Famine
Why did the German immigrate to the U.S.? Political problems and harsh rule
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