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5thChap7L1+2 13-14

5th Grade Chapter 7 Lessons 1 and 2 2013-2014

Key ItemDefinition
Patriot A person who supported independence from Britain.
Loyalist A person who remained loyal to the king of England during the American Revolution.
neutral Not taking sides in a conflict.
inflation The rise in price of all goods.
profiteering charging extra high prices for crops or goods.
veteran A person who has served in the military.
Martha Washington She is George Washington's wife and helped him at Valley Forge by cooking and washing clothes.
Sybil Ludington She is a 16 year old girl who rode horseback for 40 miles warning the colonists of a British attack.
Deborah Sampson She disguised herself as a man so she could fight in the war.
Margaret Corbin She took her husband's place firing cannons in a battle when he became injured.
Mercy Otis Warren Wrote poems and stories about people fighting for freedom.
Abigail Adams She wrote letters to her husband arguing for freedom and also cared for children who had been made homeless by the war.
James Armistead He was an African American who was a spy for George Washington. He pretended to be a servant for a British General. Then he took information back to George Washington.
Peter Salem He was a free African American who fought with the Continental Army at the Battles of Concord and Bunker Hill.
Joseph Brant He was the chief of the Mohawk tribe who helped the British.
enlist Sign up to fight in the army
mercenary hired soldiers
campaign a series of military actions carried our for a certain goal.
turning point an event that causes important change.
negotiate try to reach an agreement among different people or countries.
Battle of Trenton This is an important American victory because it boosted the morale of the troops and the American people. Washington and his men crossed the Delaware to attack the Hessians that were camped in Trenton, NJ on Christmas Night, 1776.
Battle of Saratoga This battle is the turning point for the American Revolution. It is a battle that spanned three weeks and it was led by Benedict Arnold. After this battle other countries declared war on England and became American allies.
Benedict Arnold He was the Patriot general who won the Battle of Saratoga.
Valley Forge This is the winter camp for the Continental Army. Soldiers were lacking food, supplies, proper clothing and sometimes even proper shelter. It was a difficult time and many people deserted the army.
Marquis de Lafayette He was a young French nobleman who came to fight in the war. He became an aide to General Washington. He also purchased clothes for his soldiers during the winter at Valley Forge.
Friedrich von Steuben He was the German Army general who came to help the troops at Valley Forge. He trained the men on marching and fighting. He turned the Continental into an effective fighting machine.
Bernardo de Galvez He was the governor of Spanish Louisiana. He sent guns, food, and supplies to the Continental Army. Also, his troops attacked many British forts along the Gulf of Mexico.
Created by: Mrs. Hastings