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WWI, 20s, GD, and ND

Which countries made up the central powers during WWI? Germany, Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary
How did Georgian's contribute to the war effort? military training facilities, textile mills, victory gardens, liberty bonds, and producing more food
Why was the Zimmerman telegram a factor that led to President Wilson asking Congress to declare war? It threatened the safety of the US by asking Mexico to attack our country
What were the other two factors that led to war? The Russian Revolution and the continued sinking of US ships by German U-boats
Why is November 11, 1918 at 11:00 am significant? It was the time and date of the signing of the armistice that ended WWI?
Explain why the flu epidemic spread during 1918 exposure to new diseases and germs, terrible trench warfare conditions, and weakened immune systems. This flu killed over 20 million people
How did the boll weevil and drought effect Georgia? these natural disasters ruined crops and put Georgia and other southern states into a depression before the rest of the nation
List ways in which people were leading their life once the war was over? spending carelessly, going to speakeasies, women were enjoying independence, traveling, and no longer saving.
What was the Great Migration? the movement of black southerners to northern cities in search of jobs, equality, better education, and better health care.
Explain Laissez-faire the government's "hands off" policy on our economy
What were the 5 causes of the Great Depression? (hint: remember CRASH) C-casual attitude (laissez faire) R- reduction in purchasing and overproduction A - a weak banking system S - stocks bought on margin H - high tariffs
What was the date and nickname of the stock market crash? Oct. 29, 1929 - Black Tuesday
List several effects of the Great Depression? 25% of the population was unemployed, people lived in Hoovervilles, they had to go to soup kitchens and stand in bread lines, 15 million people were without jobs
Who was elected President in 1933 FDR
What were the goals of the New Deal program? Relieve - the suffering of the unemployed Reform - the government's involvement in the economy Recover - our economic system
Explain the CCC: Civilian Conservation Corps - helped young men get jobs and created jails, schools, and airports with federal money
How did the REA get created? Since Roosevelt went to Warm Springs to get some relief from his polio he noticed that the rural farmers could not get electricity. The Rural Electrification Authority allowed farmers to extend the electrical lines to their farms.
Explain the WPA: created parks, playgrounds, and restored burial mounds and historical sites in the state
Why was the AAA declared unconstitutional? It allowed farmers to produce less food, which raised the demand and therefore the cost. This was unfair to the public and harmful to tenant farmers.
Which agency was geared towards helping the elderly, injured, or beneficiaries of deceased people? Social Security
Explain two ways that the New Deal helped our society? it ended the banking crisis, helped create jobs, created government programs that we still use today
Who was Eugene Talmdage? Governor of GA during Great Depression and New Deal
How did Eugene Talmadge help the state of Georgia? he lowered the cost of utility bills, helped rural voters, and balanced the state's budget
How did Eugene Talmadge hurt the state of Georgia? He did not support FDR's New Deal, he was a white supremacist, did not support integration of colleges
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