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French Unit 3 Verbs

adapter to adapt
s'adresser a to address
afficher to post
ajouter to add
s'attendre a to expect
attirer to attract
se charger de to be responsible for
choquer to shock
commanditer to sponsor
comporter to include
convaincre to convince
coordonner to coordinate
couter to cost
decerner to award
decouper to cut out
dejouer to outsmart
dessiner to draw
developper to develop
diffuser to broadcast
discuter to discuss
emballer to wrap
etablir to establish
etaler to display
eviter to avoid
exploiter to exploit
fabriquer to manufacture
fournir to supply
garantir to guarantee
illustrer to illustrate
lancer to launch
meriter to merit
modifier to modify
offenser to offend
offrir to offer
placer to place
pousser to push
produire to produce
promouvoir to promote
resulter to result
rever to dream
reviser to revise
satisfaire to satisfy
stereotyper to stereotype
valoir to be worth
attirant attractive
attrayant appealing
avant-gardiste on the leading edge
banal ordinary
brache with it
brillant brilliant
charge de responsible for
choquant shocking
choque shocked
concurrentiel competitive
createur creative
destine intended for
diffuse broadcast
exagere exaggerated
fiable reliable
genial brilliant
gratuit free
humoristique humourous
imaginatif imaginiative
informatif informative
mensonger untrue
negatif negative
persuasif persuasive
positif positive
promotionnel promotional
puissant powerful
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