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Postwar WW1

AP US History

Roaring twenties new technologies, new consumer products, booming economy
red scare promotion of fear or the potential rise of communism
palmer raids locked up anyone the suspected to be communist
Result of red scare palmer raids, cut back on freedom of speech
Sacco and Vanzetti accused of murdering a Massachusetts paymaster and his guard. They were Italians, atheists, anarchists, and draft dodgers, and the courts were prejudiced against them.
New clan reemerges Klu Klux Klan comes back bigger than before, anti everything
why does kkk fail It was stopped not by the exposure of its horrible racism, but bc of its money fraud.
Emergency Quota Act restricted Europeans to only 3% of their nationality from the US was allowed
1924 Immigration Act changed the emergency quota act from 3% to 2% because they wanted to favor northern Europeans (old immigrants) and it closed the door to Japanese
speakeasies small saloons people went to go drink during prohibition
How did prohibition lead to inc crime Police, judges were bribed, violence broke out between gangs
Al Scarface Capone murderous alcohol distributor, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Capone was finally caught for tax evasion.
Lindbergh baby incident led to Lindbergh Law,death penalty to certain cases of interstate abduction
America solves production and consumption problem advertising, which used persuasion, ploy, seduction, and sex appeal to sell merchandise
Buying on credit buy now pay later, many went into debt weakening the economy
Birth of a Nation Film the glorified the kkk and put down blacks
How was the film industry used in WW1 used for anti-German propaganda, help sell bonds, and boost moral
Harlem Renaissance Literature movement (poetry) among the blacks
lost generation us writers moved to Europe, because of more cultural freedom
court packing scheme FDR wanted to add a member to the Supreme Court for every member over 70, Congress felt they were losing power, saw it as dictatorship
Unemployment during FDR term went from 25% to 15% still bad, but better
Roosevelt Recession social security taxes, taking a toll on people
FDR taking on Keynesian philosophy better the economy by planned deficit spending.
how to humans contribute to dustbowl dry farming techniques
okies and arkies Oklahoman and Arkansans went to Southern Cali
Grapes of Wrath book portraying peoples lives in the Dust Bowl
Indian Reorganization Act encouraged tribes to have self-government and preserve their culture, many didn't like it felt they were being put on display
Wager/National Labor Relations Act right of unions to organize and to collectively bargain with management
Civilian Conservation Corps government camps, reforestation, firefight, flood, control, and swamp drainage
Huey Long "Share the Wealth" Wanted to give every family 5000 by taxing the rich
Work Progress Program Employment on building public buildings, bridges and roads
National Recovery Administration Assisted industry, labor, and the unemployed. Wanted max hours, min wages, and more rights for labor union members,the right to choose their own reps in bargaining.
Scheter Case demined nra as unconstitutional because ethey could only regulate bug business not small.
Public Work Association industry recovery and unemployment relief, build public buildings/roads
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