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WKMS England's Colon

WKMS England's Colonies

Blue Laws laws restricting what people can do on Sunday
In which region of Colonial America would one have grown cash crops like tobacco and rice? Southern Colonies
In which region are the colonies of Virginia and Maryland located? Southern
Which group of investors established the settlement of Jamestown in the colony of Virginia? The Virginia Company (joint-stock company)
Why did the English want to start a colony in Jamestown? They wanted to find wealth in the New World.
In which region did children attend public schools where the Bible was the focus of the educational lesson? New England Colonies
In which region of the 13 Colonies would one find plantations? Southern
Which region was nicknamed the “breadbasket” of the colonies because of the grains grown there? The Middle Colonies
Subsistence Farming a type of farming where a person grows just enough food to meet the needs of their family
Cash Crop a crop that is grown for profit rather than for use by the grower
In which region of the 13 Colonies were the colonies of Delaware and New York? Middle Colonies
In which region were Quakers found? Middle
Which crop helped make the Jamestown settlement a success? Tobacco
Which colonies were established by settlers seeking the freedom to practice their religion? Maryland, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
In which region did many German,Dutch, Swede and Scots-Irish settlers live? Middle Colonies
Governor the head of a colony
In which region were most children educated at home by tutors? Southern Colonies
In which region did the Puritans settle? New England
Indentured Servant people who agreed to work for a landowner for a number of years in exchange for passage to America
In which region was ship-building a major economic activity? New England
Diverse having a variety
In which region would you find subsistence farms because the harsh winters and rocky, poor soil kept farming from becoming a major economic activity? New England
What was the first form of democratic self-government in the 13 Colonies? The Virginia House of Burgesses
In which region were the colonies of Massachusetts and Rhode Island located? New England
Theocracy a government based on religious teachings
Which region was settled by people wanting to freely practice their religion? New England
Be able to label the 13 colonies on a map. Use the map you labeled in class to study.
In which region was the death rate high because the hot, humid climate increased the spread of diseases? Southern Colonies
People in this region passed blue laws to help people respect Sunday New England
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