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Ejnes Test

Early 1700's <___ came into English Colonis 10,000
Where did most immigrants of the 1700's come from? British Isles or Germany
When did immigration slow down in the 1700's? Revolutionary Period
When was the first big wave? 1815- 1850's
First Wave- Most Came from _____ Ireland , British Isles, Germany and Scandinavia
First Wave- Where did Chinese immigrants come in? West Coast
First Wave- Immigration slowed down after the ______ Civil War
Second wave peaked in the ____ 1880's
Second Wave came from ____ Ireland British Isles or Germany,Hungarians and some Italians and Greeks.
Second Wave - Countries coming in were joined by ______ Slavs and Jews.
The Third Wave was in 1904 to 1914
Third Wave had _______ + in ___ yeras 1,000,000 6
Third Wave- Most from _____ Eastern and southern europe
Third wave- Slowed down because of World War I
Industrial Revolution was in ___ 1870's to 1924
People left Europe because of _____ Collapse of agricultural order, religious and ethnic persecution
What was causing the Agricultural Order to collapse 1. Pop. increase in Europe 2. Farms to small to provide for families 3. People went to city to work in the industrial revolution 3.America and Australia land was cheap.
Why were Jews and Russians driven out of Russia? Physical attacks and Economic Discrimanation
Who was drivin out of Turkey? Armenians
Young men left Europe because ________ they feared being drafted into the army.
Why did transportation improve? Steam Powered technology
What did Steam Power transportation do? 1.Shortened crossing the Atlantic from weeks to days 2.Trains to ports in Europe
North Atlantic Ship conditions Had food and privacy
Ships that had worse conditions were Italy, Greece and France
Why did immigrants come to the U.S. Factories needed labor- Many jobs available at factories.
what support did factory and workers get Tenements Trolley Lines Sewers Schools
America would welcome immigrants in ____ Good times
America would dislike them in bad times because of Competition for jobs
Who was seen as threats to american culture Jews, Muslims and Catholics
Chinese Exclusion Act- 1882- excluded laborers, but allowed merchants to enter
Laws prohibit contract labor 1885-1887 - prohibiting labor contracts to be signed in old country
Law Barring was in ___ and excluded ____ Idiots, Insane, poor, ill or sick, criminals,poligamy
What did the Emergency Immigration Act do? 1.Set Quota system 2. No more than 3% of the number of people from a country here in 1910
What differnce in immigrants came after the emergency immigration act bring 1.800,000 in June 1921 2.300,000 next year
Who did the National Origins Act try to keep out? Jews, Italians, and Slavs and Completely banned Asians
What did the NOA set the quota too and on what senses 2% favoring northwest countries on 1890 senses
Laws added total number limits in ______ 1929
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