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PDX Definitions

Nose, Mouth & Oropharynx

Hx or obvious broken nose may predispose a patient to what? sinusitis
Tenderness of the nasal tip or ale may suggest what? local infection such as a furuncle
Reddened & swollen mucosa suggests what? viral rhinitis
Pale, bluish or red mucosa suggests what? allergic rhinitis
Septal perforations causes include what? trauma, surgery and cocaine or amphetamine use
Pale semi-translucent masses that usually come from the middle meatus Polyps
Epistaxis may result from what? trauma, chronic nose-blowing, pregnancy, blood-clotting disorders, chronic alcohol/drug abuse, NSAIDS, corticosteroids...
White or yellow oval with an inflamed red border is what? Apthous stomatitis (canker sore or aphthous ulcer)
Inflammatory lesion at the labial commisure or corner of the mouth Angular Cheilitis
Small sometimes painful fluid filled reddish or purple blisters around the lips or corners of the mouth Labial HSV1 (cold sores or fever blisters)
What happens to cold sores over several days? blisters tend to merge and then collapse, a yellowish crust often forms over the sores
Inflammation of the lip and what does it suggest? cheilitis; vitamin B12 or iron deficiency, allergy or precursor to skin cancer
Swelling of the lip and is caused by what? angioedema; allergic reaction
How does carcinoma of the lip present? scaly plaque, ulcer with or without a crust or as a nodular lesion
Condition where patches of keratosis appear as adherent whitet patches on the mucous membranes of the oral cavity, including the tongue leukoplakia
Beefy, red tongue is caused by what pernnnicious anemia
Map-like appearance of your tongue due to irregular patches on its surface geographic tongue
What's the 2nd most cancer of the mouth? cancer of the tongue
Suspects of cancer in the mouth include Any persistent nodule or uler, red or white. Induration increases the possibility
Most common location of cancer in the mouth? side of tongue at its base
What may be present in individuals who bite their cheeks and those with platelet disorders? petechiae
Grinding of ones teeth is what and what may be a sign of this? bruxism; bite marks
Normal color of the gums pink or patchy browness(People with Dark-Skin)
Gingival hyperplasia may be caused by what? Dilantin (seizure) therapy, puberty, pregnancy and leukemia
Congenital anomaly characterized by an abnormally short lingual frenulum. Often found in who? ankyloglossia AKA tongue-tie; infants that have difficulty breast-feeding
Xerostomia may be caused by what? Meds, Sjogren's or nutrition
Sialorrhea may be caused by what? Meds, Parkinson's or GERD
Another name for parotid gland ducts Stensen's Ducts
Another name for submandibular gland ducts Wharton Ducts
Which ducts open on the buccal mucosa opposite the 2nd molar on each side of the upper jaw? Stensen's Ducts
Ducts under the gongue on each side of the frenulum? Wharton Ducts
____ empties into the ____ 50% of the time sublingual; submandibular
Midline bony growth in the hard palate that is fairly common in adults Torus Palatinus
Torus Palatinus may contribute to what or a characteristic of what? migraines; acromegaly
Most common in viral and bacterial infections? pharyngitis
Red throat with white exudate on the tonsils? Due to what? tonsilitis; strep or mono
CN associated with the tongue? CN 12
CN assessment of the tongue? Protrude tongue noting deviation, strength of tongue can be tested by having the patient push hi/her tongue inside of each cheek, and feeling how strongly he/she can resist against a finger pushed against the outside of the cheek
Ipsilateral deviation of the tongue indicates what? LMN lesion and will have corresponding fasiculations & atrophy
Contralateral deviation of the tongue indicates what? UMN lesion with NO fasiculations or atrophy
Weakness of the tongue is displayed as what? slurring of speech, tongue may feel thick, heavy or clumsy, lingual sound are slurred (e's, l's t's, d's, n's, r's)
Fasciculations of the tongue may be a sign of what? motor neuron disease
CN's that assess the gag reflex are what? CN 9 and CN 10
Disorders that may cause and abnormal gag reflex include what? movement disorders myasthenia gravis, stroke, dementia & cervical spine surgery
How does one assess CN's 9 and 10? gag reflex for palatal sensation, phonation/voice pitch and quality/palatal movement
Having the patient say "me, me, me" tests what CN 7
Having the patient say "la, la, la" tests what CN? 12
Having the patent say "da, da, da; ka, ka, ka" tests what CN? 9 and 10
Having the patient say "ahhhh" tests for what? voice tremor, hypophonia, etc...
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