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PDX Definitions


Tracheal deviation may signify problems in what thorax such as what? mediastinal mass, ateletasis or a large pneumothorax
Ipsilateral tracheal deviation signifies what? atelectasis
Contralateral tracheal deviation indicates what? pneumothorax or pleural effusion
Another term for an enlarged thyroid gland goiter
2 nail changes associated with moderate-severe thyroid disease onychomycosis & acropathy
Yellowing of the nails that most commonly indicates what but may also suggest what? onychomycosis; fungal disease; thyroid problems
Digital clubbing & swelling of digits and toes Thyroid acropathy
Tenderness of lymph nodes indicate what? inflammation
Hard/fixed lymph nodes indicate what? malignancy
Where is the Virchow's node? left supraclavicular lymph node
Virchow's node is associated with the presene of what? abdominal or thoracic neoplasm
Tonsillar node is often involved in what? tonsillitis & strep throat
Bruits of the carotid artery usually follows from what? cervical disorders such as seizures, HA, stroke syndromes or intracranial mass lesions
CN 11 is associated with what? SCM & upper trap strength
How does one test the CN 11 in the neck? Muscle testing head rotation and shoulder elevation
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