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Chapter 11

Manifest Destiny

Sam Houston He defeated Santa Anna at the battle of San Jacinto First president of the Texan Republic
William Travis One of the heroes of the Alamo Commander of the Alamo
Davey Crockett One of the heroes of the Alamo He wore a coonskin cap
Jim Bowie One of the heroes of the Alamo He had a knife
Mountain Men Fur trappers Knew the best routes to get through the Rocky Mountains
San Antonio Location of the Alamo Location of the Alamo
Santa Anna Mexican General He won the Battle of the Alamo
Zachary Taylor Old Rough and Ready He was sent to defend the southern border of the US in 1846
Rio Grande Border between Texas and Mexico Spanish for "Big River"
James K. Polk Black Horse Candidate in 1844 President of the US during the Mexican War
Oregon Territory referred to in "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight" The end of the Oregon Trail is here.
Gag Rule No discussion of slavery in Congress (1846-1845) Pro slavery rule that JQ Adams helped to end
John C. Fremont Helped with he Bear Flag Rebellion Fought in California during the Mexican War
Guadalupe-Hidalgo Treaty that ended the Mexican War Treaty that gave the US control of CA, NM, AZ, UT and NV
Joseph Smith Founder of the Mormon Religion He was killed by an angry mob in Nauvoo, Illinois
Brigham Young Second leader of the Mormon Church He led the Mormons to Utah
Stephen Austin He led American settlers to Mexican Texas in the 1820s He led American settlers to Mexican Texas in the 1820s
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