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us chapters 14-16 study guide

the red scare an intense fear of communism and other politically radical ideas.
russian revolution collapse of the czar's government in russia in 1917, after which the russian monarchy was replaced with a republican government.
palmer raids raids that targeted communists, socialists, and anarchists, or anybody who opposed all government.
sacco & vanzetti two italian men who were framed for killing a shoe factory worker.
Harding as president the country began to get back to normal. harding had a super good cabinet made of people he knew. showed poor judgement in many of his other appointments, how ever. he gave important jobs to people he knew, people who weren't always fit for the job.
disarmament a program in which the nations of the world would voluntarily give up their weapons.
dawes plan the plan set a payment schedule, reorganized the german national bank, and approved a loan to germany.
isolationism avoid political or economic alliances with foreign countries.
quota numerical limit imposed on immigrants representing certain ethnic groups or nations.
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