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US His 13

Worker's output per each hour of work Productivity
Act of disbanding an army Demobilization
Law that limits labor unions' rights Taft-Hartley Act
Law that grants benefits to war veterans GI Bill of Rights
Trunam's plan to strengthen reforms and start new social welfare programs Fair Deal
Period of time when many married and started a family Baby Boom
Why were many homes built after WWII in America? Money was available to war veterans through loans
At the beginning of WWII,Production of goods was shifted from consumer goods to war goods. What happened to production after the war? It shifted back to producing consumer goods.
Which president desegregated the military? Harry S. Truman
What happened to Truman's New Deal policies when Dwight D. Eisenhower became President? He continued to support the existing New Deal programs.
In 1955, these joined to form one large group. AFL-CIO LABOR UNIONS
This outlet allowed companies to distribute their products and services through retail outlets owned by independent operatiors Franchise businesses
A corporation that produces and sells goods and services all over the world multinational corporations
After WWII many people migrated southern and western states to this Sunbelt
This established three tiers of higher education California Master Plan
Includes business such as healthcare, law, banking, and retail that provided services Service sector
Forty million people did this between 1940 and 1960 Migrated to the suburbs
What made the mass migration to the suburbs possible? Interstate highways
Which industry grew most rapidly during the 1950? Service
Why did Congress increase funding for education in the 50's and 60's? The Soviet Union's space program
Authored a book on nurturing young children Benjamin Spock
The amount of money the average family earns in a year Median family income
Buying as much as one can, usually on credit Consumerism
King of-rock and-roll Elvis Prisley
Disc jockey Alan Freed called this "race" music Rock-and-roll
A mother, father and their children Nuclear family
During the 1950's, Americans purchased... Labor saving appliances
What invention changed the way politicians ran for office? Television
Developed a vacine for polio Dr. Jonas Salk
Rock-and-roll music became the symbole for... The youth culture
A group of writers and artists who refused to accept traditional ways of thinking, dressing, and behaving Beatniks
Laws that tried to end tribal government and relocate Native Americans to cities Termination policy
Clearing out older housing and buildings for new developments Urban renewal
Central part of an urban city Inner city
In the 50's , social critics criticized Americans for this. Emphasis on conformity
In "The Other Ameria", Michael Harrington exposed this problem. Poverty
After WWII, many American cities began to decline because of.... Middle class white families moved out of the cities.
Which of the following contributed to rural poverty? Corporate Farming
In the 50's, the federal government encouraged Native Americans to... Assimilate into American society
A time when many people married and had families Baby Boom
The amount of work a worker can do in one hour Productivity
The act of disbanding Demobilization
The postwar economy experienced problems with this. Inflation
Why did worker productivity increase after WW II? Technological advances made it easier and faster to do the work
How did the Marshall Plan contribute to economic growth? Stimulated foreign demand for American products
Who built track houses( houses that have the same floor plan)were built cheaply during the 1940' & 1950's William Levitt creater of Levitown, sometimes called Levitville
When people moved to the Sunbelt, where did they work? Defense industries
Who did the moneys from the National Defense Act go to for training purposes? Scientists
In what way did family patterns change during the 50's? Single people got married at a younger age.
During the 50's, American familes benefited from advancements in this field. Medicine
How did the flight of the middle class to the suburbs hurt cities? Cities lost the taxes paid by these earners when they moved away
After WWII which group had little political power? Latinos
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