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Ch. 24 Study Guide


Four Freedoms get support from Britain, freedom of speech and worship, freedom from want and fear
final solution made plans to exterminate Europe's Jews
SS St. Louis and their Jews on it entered with 930 Jews and were denied entrance into US, eventually died in concentration camps
Nuremburg Laws took citizenship away from Jews and didn't allow Jews to marry other Germans
Hitler made demands for territory in Poland which showed that appeasement had failed
Nye Committee documented huge profits that arms factories made
Jews Who did Hitler blame WWI's defeat on?
Depression and Treaty of Versailles 2 causes of the rise of dictatorships after WWI
blackshirts Fascist militia
storm troopers Nazi military unit that intimidated voters
sitzkrieg the "sitting war" Western Europe remained quiet
Aryans blonde blue-eyed Germans that belonged to Hitler's Master Race
Gestapo German secret police
appeasement giving up concessions to get peace
cash and carry requirement imposed by the first two Neutrality Acts for the purchase of non-military supplies from the US
Danzig Baltic seaport with strong military roots and Hitler tried to get it back
Anchluss unification of Austria and Germany
Poland Britain and France declared war when Germany invaded where
Fuhrer Hitler
Shoah Hebrew for catastrophe
Auschwitz extermination camp that killed 12,000 Jews per day
Lend-lease act US could lend arms to countries vital to the defense of US
Holocaust catastrophe that killed 6 million Jews
Atlantic charter committed FDR and Churchill to a postwar world of democracy, non-aggression, and free trade
Maginot line built by France to keep Germans out
II Duce Mussolini's nickname
blitzkrieg lightning war, make sure it's coordinated because it's so fast
lebenstaum living space
Mein Kampf My Struggle
internationalism idea that trade between nations creates prosperity
Luftwaffe German airforce
Buchenwald one of the first and largest concentration camps
Manchuria resource-rich province invaded by Japan
lend-lease act FDR's way of getting guns to Britain without Britain having to pay cash
Neutrality Act of 1935 made it illegal for Americans to sell arms to any country at war
US bases on British-held territory Why did FDR send destroyers to Britain?
Austria What country was unified with Germany?
Wannsee Conference Nazis planned the final solution for Jews
Munich Conference Britain and France gave in to Hitler's demands for the sudetenlands
Kristallnacht night of broken glass Nov 1938
Nazi-Soviet nonaggression treaty contained secret deal between Germany and USSR to divide Poland between them
Battle of Britain Royal air force saved Britain from invasion
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