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French Verbs, infin.

Infinitive french verbs

Donner To give
Dire To say
Entre To come in
Finir To finish
Gagner To win, to earn
Lancer to throw out
Marcher to walk
mourir to die
montrer to show
cacher to hide
mettre (irr) to put in
laver to wash
mériter to deserve
ouvrir (irr) to open
motiver to motivate
perdre to lose
offrer to offer, to buy
porter to wear, carry, take
souhaiter to wish
posséder to own
saisir to grasp, take hold of, understand
prendre to steal, take, grasp
trouver to find
voir (irr) to see
vendre to sell
suivre (irr) to follow
tenir to hold
vivre to live
couper to cut
fermer to close, to shut
agir to act, take action, do something
contenir to contain
courir to run
croire to believe
poser to put down, to place
ajouter to add
Améliorer to improve
casser to break, break open
devenir to become
entendre to hear
regarder to look, to regard
apporter to bring
aider to help
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