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Immigration Test E

Reactions to Immigrants

General Feelings During bad times they attempted to limit immigration because... they were viewed as competition for jobs
General Feelings Catholics, Jews, and Muslims seen as... A threat to American culture
General Feelings During good times they... welcomed immigrants
Laws Restricting in 1882 the ___ ___ ___ was created Chinese Exclusion Act
Laws Restricting The Chinese Exclusion Act excluded ___ but allowed ___ excluded laborers, allowed merchants
Laws Restricting 1885-1887- laws to prohibit... contract labor
Laws Restricting 1891- law barring... idiots, insane, poor, ill, criminals, and polygamists
Laws Restricting 1917- Literacy Test
Laws Restricting 1921- Emergency Immigration Act
Laws Restricting Emergency immigration act set... quota system
Laws Restricting Emergency immigration act- no more than ___ from a country here in 1910 3%
Laws Restricting Emergency immigrant act- ____ in June 1921, _____ next year 800,000- 300,000
Laws Restricting 1924 National Origins Act
Laws Restricting National Origins Act- ____, ___, ___, ____ kept out Asians, Italians, Slavs, Jews
Laws Restricting National Origins Act- Completely banned... Eastern Asians
Laws Restricting National Origins Act- __ quota on Europeans based on ____ census. Favored who? 2% quota, 1890 census, favored North-West Europeans
Laws Restricting 1929- law added... total number limits
Created by: smurthy19