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Invitation to Reclusion at Jingxi Dong Qichang_1644(Ming); Handscroll on paper; Southern style; empty spaces->meditation?; used as a cultivation of mind
Self-portrait Supervising the Planting of Pines Shi Tao_1674 (Ming); Bamboo, rock, pine tree; imaginative landscape; handscroll on paper; 3 main concepts: happiness, longevity, & wealth
Yan Zhan, Female Immortals Chen Hongshou and his assistant_mid 17th century (Ming);
Guan Yu Captures General Pang De Shang Xi_1430 (Ming);
Page from a book of sketches Gu Jianlong_17th century (Ming);
Three Friends of the Cold Season Wang Yuanqi_1702 (Qing); bamboo, pine, plum; landscape painting
Assembled Auspicious Objects Giuseppe Castiglione/Lang Shining_1715 (Qing);
Fish and Rocks Bada Shanren_1691 (Qing); poem on the fall of Ming; fish represent Bada Shanren and other royal relatives;
Zhongkui Gao Qipe_1728 (Qing); hanging scroll; queller of the demons; a deity associated with New Year Festivities;
Self Portrait Ren Xiong_1850 (Qing); poem in politics; support the royal family as the ruler; criticize the China government; life size portrait;
Bamboos Zheng Xie_1759 (Qing); bamboos and landscape; calligraphy gives a suggestion to the painting;
Flying in the Rain Gao Jianfu_1920-1930 (The Republic of China); modernity; associated with the Nationalist style; Chinese style but have new objects like planes, cars, tanks; Old Chinese with new Chinese
Awaiting the Deliverer Xu Beihong_1930-3 (The Republic of China); oil on canvas; Xu is the father of modern China; a woman that looks realistic at Chinese village;
Conquer Every Difficulty, Built Socialism Yu Yunje & Zhao Yannian_1955 (People's Republic of China); everyone is working hard/hardworkers; encourage people to work hard for their country;
This Land So Rich in Beauty Fu Baoshi & Guan Shanye (People's Republic of China); painting is at the Great Wall of the People/Tienanmen Square; symbol of a new government; "land of new piece of life; landscape is the notice of the Nation; Mao Zedong is the rising sun;
Father Luo Zhongli_1980 (People's Republic of China); painting of regular people;
Old Party Secretary Liu Zhide (People's Republic of China); the artist himself as a commoner
Mao Zedong (white marble) Ye Yushan_1976 (People's Republic of China); in Chairman's mausoleum in Beijing; used to represent community party;
Lingering Melodies from the Xungyang River Chen Yifei_1991 (People's Republic of China); oil canvass; women can go back wearing silk to show their status; the freedom of people where they can be themselve
Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan Liu Chunhua_1967 (People's Republic of China); oil painting in 1967; reproduced on the cover of China Pictorial for September 1968; The emperor isolated himself, but Mao traveled everywhere, dress like everyone, is equal to everyone.
A Postmodern Self Portrait-China Deconstructed Luo Qing_1989 (People's Republic of China); hanging scroll; "China reconstructed"; China want to go back to their old self;
A Book from Heaven Xu Bing_198-1991(People's Republic of China); "everyone were not able to read and write, so why should we still have books?"; the artwork shows fake calligraphy;
Created by: chrriistiinee