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Lotsa Women

Women's Studies Quiz 2

Rachel Carson 1907 Author of "Silent Spring" which inspired grassroots environmental movement in U.S. and led to banning of D.D.T.
Rebecca Lee Crumpler 1831 First A.A. woman to become physician in U.S. One of first A.A. to write book about medicine
Marie Curie 1867 French physicist-first woman to receive Nobel Prize for physics in 1903. Only woman to win Nobel Prize in 2 fields and only person to win in multiple sciences (Physics and Chemistry). Researched radioactivity
Isadora Duncan 1877 American dancer, developed new dance style that focused on natural movements, preferred dancing in free-blowing tunics & developed style that led to modern dance.
Marian Anderson 1897 A.A. woman who, w/help of FDR and his wife, was first woman of color to sing before integrated crowd at metropolitan opera. Participated in Civil Rights Movement
Susan B. Anthony 1820 Dedicated suffragette and abolitionist. Created & produced The Revolution, weekly publication that lobbied for women's rights. 1869 Anthony & Stanton founded The National Woman Suffrage Association. Voted illegally in 1872 but never paid $100 fine.
Clara Barton 1821 Nurse during Civil War Founded American Red Cross Association in 1881
Amy Beach 1867 First successful American Female composer of large scale art music
Kathryn Bigelow 1951 Movie director. First woman to win academy award for Best Director w/The Hurt Locker
Elizabeth Blackwell 1821 First woman to graduate from medical school in U.S. Created medical schools for women in late 1860s.
Geraldine Ferraro 1935 First woman to chair her party's 1984 platform First female vice presidential nominee
Alice Guy-Blache 1873 Early French Filmmaker First woman to direct a motion picture
Hildegard Von Bingen 1898 Monastic leader, author, and composer German philosopher, mystic, visionary Composed Ordo Virtutum & some say it is oldest surviving morality play
Mae Jemison 1956 First A.A. woman err admitted to astronaut training program Flew into space w/6 other crew members on Endeavor
Barbara Jordan 1936 First A.A. elected to Texas Senate First southern black woman elected to U.S. House of Rep. Civil Rights Movement
Wilma Mankiller 1945 First female chief of Cherokee Nation (1985-95)
Married Women's Property Acts Passed in Mississippi 1839. Law suit ended w/wife keeping rights to her property & eventually the creation of act. 1870, changed way women controlled property after husband's death.
Married Women's Property Acts 2 After passed, women could be legally independent & responsible for children. Allowed women to keep property they earned before marriage.
Fanny Mandelssohn 1805 Composed over 460 pieces of music One of few well-known 19th century women composers
Toni Morrison 1931 American novelist, editor, professor Won Pulitzer Prize for novel Beloved Won Nobel Prize for literature in 1993; first A.A. to do so.
Carry Nation 1846 Major & radical player in the temperance movement. Would vandalize saloons (known for using hatchet)
Mary Frances Winston Newson 1869 First American woman to earn PhD in Mathematics
Alice Paul 1855 American suffragist & women's rights activist-helped pass 19th Amen. Organized Women's suffrage parade on eve of President Wilson's inauguration Co-founder of National Women's Party-Led political protest @ white house Author of Equal Rights 1923
Janet Reno 1938 First woman to serve as U.S. attorney general
Ellen Shallow Richards 1842 Helped create field of economics First woman admitted to M.I.T./teacher at M.I.T. First woman accepted to any science school First American woman to receive degree in chemistry
Seneca Falls Convention 1848 A women's rights convention held July 19-20 Made Declaration of Sentiments: All men and women created equal.
Bessie Smith 1894 Nicknamed the Empress of Blues Most popular Blues female singer between 1920-1930
Elizabeth Cady Stanton 1815 Organized Seneca Falls convention in 1848 Active in emancipating slaves Founded National Woman Suffrage Association w/Susan B. Anthony in 1869
Lucy Stone 1818 Abolitionist & women's rights activist First Massachusetts woman to earn college degree 1869 started American Woman Suffrage Assoc. and later joined w/Stanton Kept maiden name after marrying
Harriet Beecher Stowe 1811 Abolitionist & author Uncle Tom's Cabin-depicted lives of A.A. under slavery Legend has it that Abe Lincoln called her "the little woman who wrote that book that started this great war…"
Sojourner Truth 1787 A.A. abolitionist and woman's rights activist First black woman to win over case against white man Gave speech "Ain't I a Woman" at women's rights convention in Ohio
Ida B. Wells 1862 A.A. woman who was anti-lynching crusader, suffragist, women's rights advocate, journalist, and speaker. Part of Famous March (1913) for universal suffrage in Washington, D.C.
Edith Wharton 1864 American author First woman to win Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
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