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Social Studies q 1

Early and Native Americans

How did the first Americans arrive in the Americas? They crossed the Bering land bridge from Russia into Alaska.
Why did the first Americans come into America? They came here because of curiosity, were chasing game,
Which continent did the first Americans come from? Asia
Who were the Native American people? They were people that were alive probably right after the time of the Ice Age and traveled the continental bridge between Russia and Alaska to get to the Americas.
When did they get here? They got here around 10,000 B.C.
Which tribe used buffalo as a main source of food? The Hopi
Which tribe relied heavily on the whale? The Makah
Which tribe was from mexico and had an empire in Central America? The Aztec
Which tribe was from the southeast and built their houses on mounds? The Creek
Which tribe had to farm in dry conditions, but used the hot sun to bake their adobe houses? The Mandan
Which tribe lived in the Northeast, built Longhouses, created a constitution? The Iriquois
2 ways the Iriqous constitution was similar to the US one Have a group representing the people. Gives people the right to vote. Gives government the right to make a person not from that place a citizen.
What was the population of Native Americans living in North America before 1492? 10 million
What were the 5 European countries that explored the New World? Spain, Portugal, France, Holland, England
What are the 4G's and what do they stand for? Gold, God, Glory, Grades
What are 3 characteristics of North America that attracted settlers? Good soil, Dense forests, Vast river valleys
What are 2 reasons why Europeans wanted western exploration? To bypass the Muslims that owned the silk road to Asia. Wanted a shorter route to Asia.
What is one reason why African kings participated in the slave trade? They got goods for giving up people that weren't important to their country.
What were the names of the explorers and what did they accomplish? Erikson -First to find the new world long before any other explorer thought of journeying there Columbus -First person in written history to find new world and announce it to the old world Vespucci -First to produce an accurate map of the world
What was Columbus's goal for going west? He wanted to find a way to Asia
What was the date Columbus's most famous voyage? October 12, 1492
Where did Columbus believe he was at the end of his voyage? The East Indies
What area of the America's did Spain conquer? Most of South America, and Central America, and lower USA, and the Carribian
What area of the America's did France conquer? Canada
What area of the America's did Netherlands conquer? NY,NJ,
What area of the America's did England conquer? The East coast of America
What area of the America's did Portugal conquer? Brazil
What came to the old world form the Colombian exchange? Squash, Pumpkins, Turkeys, Peanuts, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Corn, Peppers, Tobacco, Pineapples, Cacao, Beans, Vanilla, Sweet Potatoes,
What came to New World from the Colombian exchange? Honey Bees, Sugar cane, Bananas, Grapes, Citrus fruits, Onions, Olives, Turnips, Coffee Beans, Peaches, Pears, Grains, Livestock, Disease, Guns, Slaves,
What was the Encomienda system? The Encomienda system was the system that the Spanish would tax local Native Americans or make them work for them so that the Spanish would give them charity and protection.
What was the impact of disease? It killed of many, many Native Americans, and had a devastating blow on the population.
Who is Bartolome de Las Casas? He was a Spanish conquistador that turned into a priest against the Spanish's cruelty towards the Native Americans.
What were some positive effects of the Age of Exploration? The Old and the New World came together. Lots of trade could happen between the two worlds. Cultures mixed.
What are some negative effects of the Age of Exploration? Lots of people were killed in the meeting of the two worlds. Diseases were spread form the Old World to the new.
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