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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet flash cards

Paris Part of main conflict, wants to marry Juliet and Capulets want him to marry Juliet.
Mercutio Gets Romeo to go to the ball and meet Juliet. Fights Tybalt, gets killed by Tybalt which causes Romeo to kill Tybalt.
Benvolio Tries to break up brawls between families. Drags Mercutio.
Nurse Gives advice to Juliet, does tasks for Juliet, gets Romeo for Juliet.
Friar Lawrence Marries Romeo and Juliet, gives death emulating potion to Juliet.
Tybalt Kills Mercutio, fights with Montague family members, tries to prevent Romeo and Juliet from getting married.
Balthasar Tells Romeo about Juliet's death, tries to stop Romeo from entering Juliet's tomb.
Apothecary Sells poison to Romeo.
Aside Words spoken by a character to the audience that other characters pretend not to hear.
Monologue Speech spoken by one character.
Personification Giving human characteristics to in-animate objects.
Dramatic Irony Character expects one thing to happen, but something else happens.
Situational Irony Accidental events that seem oddly appropriate.
Soliloquy Monologue spoken by a character that believes to be alone.
Tragic flaw Mis-perception resulting in a character's flaw or an event.
Simile Compare two things with like or as.
Metaphor Compare two things.
Tragic Hero Protagonist of a tragedy.
Protagonist Main character in a piece of literature.
Antagonist Main character that opposes the protagonist.
Character foil Two characters that contrast each other.
Prologue Introduction of a literary piece.
Tragedy Play ending in an unhappy ending.
Dialogue Any spoken word in a piece of literature.
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