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Chapter 11 SS review

In 1800, which one of the following places was still not a state? Vermont, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee Ohio
Why did Jefferson purchase the Louisiana Territory from France? to establish a port for farmers in the Northwest Territory
After traveling more then 3,000 miles from St. Louis, what landmark did Lewis and Clark reach? the Pacific Ocean
Zebulon Pike's capture by the Spanish governor of New Mexico led to_ an increase in the number of American traders traveling to New Mexico.
The British took American sailors off their ships and forced them to work on British ships, a practice know as- impressment
Who helped supply the Native Americans with guns to fight off the American settlers moving west? Britain
The War Hawks did NOT want to be allies with the Native Americans
American Captain Oliver Hazard Perry defeated the British in what battle? the Battle of Lake Erie
What President issued a doctrine stating that European nations must stop colonizing lands in North America? James Monroe
It is NOT true that President Andrew Jackson came from a wealthy Massachusetts family
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark led the first expedition across the Louisiana Purchase
Merchants strongly supported the War of 1812 as a way to get more trading partners
In a democracy, people are free to make choices about their lives and government.
Some wealthy people did not like Andrew Jackson because they feared he would work to end their power
By signing the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico gave the United States one area of land known as the Mexican Cession
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