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US His 12

Military alliance of Soviet Union and its satellite states Warsaw Pact
US policy to limit Communism Containment
US Policy that gives loans and grants to Western Europe Marshall Plan
US Policy to assist countries struggling against communism Truman Doctrine
Military alliance of US and Western European countries NATO
Rivalry between US and Soviet Union Cold War
Remained under Soviet control after WWII Czechoslovakia, Hungary,Bulgaria
Coined the phrase "iron curtain"? Winston Churchill
Why did the Soviets set up a blockade around West Berlin? To gain control
Examples of military alliances for "collective security" Warsaw Pact, NATO
Nationalist Chinese leader Jiang Jieshi
Dividing line between communist North Korea and non-communist South Korea 38 Parallel
Communist Chinese leader Mao Zedong
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization-defensive alliance to prevent spread of communism SEATO
US General who drove N. Koreans out of S. Korea Douglas Mac Arthur
War fought to achieve specific goals Limited War
Which Chinese leader did the US back during China's Civil War? The Nationalist Jiang Jieshi
In 1950, which event began the Korean conflict? North Korean army invading south of the 38th parallel
Which city di Gen. MacArther chose as the location of a counterattack against N. Korea? Inchon
How did the American public view Gen. MacArther after Pres Truman fired him? Hero
Initials for Central Intelligence Agency CIA
Tactic of promoting peace by always being ready to go to war Brinkmanship
How did Egypt nationalize the Suez Canal? Put it under the direct control of the government
What was the reaction of the United States when the Soviets launched their first satellite into space in 1957? NASA was established to coordinate American space-related efforts
Race between the Soviet Union and the US to have the most powerful weapons Arms Race
What did the Soviets do on Sept. 2, 1949 that changed the US-Soviet relations? Set off an atomic bomb
Why did Egypt nationalize the Suez Canal? The US and Britian refused to fund the Aswan dam.
Eisenhower's secretary of state who promoted the policy of brinkmanship John Foster Dulles
How did the CIA participate in the Cold War? By carrying out secret intelligence-gathering operations in other countries
Committee that investigated people accused of being disloyal Americans HUAC - House of Un-American Activities Committee
Made it a crime to promote the violent overthrow of the US Government Smith Act
Whittaker Chambers accused this person of being a communist spy. Alger Hiss
If your name was found on this list you would not be hired in Hollywood. Blacklist
Refused to answer question asked by the House of Un-American Activities Committee Hollywood Ten
Accused others of being communists without proof Joseph R. McCarthy
Fear of Communism both inside and outside the United States Red Scare
American convicted and executed for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviets, he and his wife were executed Julius Rosenberg, Ethel Rosenberg
One place on the globe the Cold War was hot Korea
Why was J. Robert Oppenheimer investigated? His friends and family members belonged to the Communist Party.
Why were Julius and Ethal Rosenberg executed? They passed US nuclear science secrets to the Soviets.
What happened to Sen. McCarthy's reputation when the American public saw how he behaved during the trials of supposed communist spies? People lost respect for him.
Term used to describe extreme, reckless charges McCarthyism
War to achieve specific goals rather than total defeat of the enemy Limited war
Endless race to acquire more and more powerful weapons Arms Race
Having so many weapons that both sides would be assured of total destruction in an all out war Mutually assured destruction
US policy to use force to help countries in the Middle East fend off communism Eisenhower Doctrine
General in command of US forces in Korean War Douglas MacArthur
American diplomat who stressed the need to contain communism George Kennan
Weaker country under the control of a stronger country Satellite state
Underlying cause of the Cold War The political and economic differences between the US and the Soviet Union
Why was the situation between the US and the Soviet Union called a Cold War There was no direct military conflict
Outcome of Chinese civil war Communists led by Mao Zedong defeated the Nationalists led by Jiang Jieshi
Why did Oppenheimer and Einstein oppose the development of a hydrogen bomb? It would lead to an arms race
Consequences of the secret CIA operations of the 1950's Long-term resentment of the United States
What occured from 1917-1920, after the Russian Revolution The first Red Scare
Why was the HUAC created in 1938? To investigate possible communists, fascists, and Nazi subservise activities
Rivalry between U.S. and Soviet Union Cold War
Policy of threatening to use massive force in response to aggression Massive retaliation
Leader of Soviet Union Nikita Khruschev
Transfer from private to state ownership or control Nationalize
Man made channel that connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea Suez Canal
National Aeronautics and Space Association - job is to coordinate the space related efforts NASA
-US Government committee to investigate possible subversive activities by Fascists, Nazis or Communists House Committee on Un-American Activities
Wisconsin senator charged that the State Department was infested with Communist agents, accused people of being communists without proof, caused many to loose their jobs Joseph McCarthy
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