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Important People 2

Quiz for Thursday

James Madison Father of the Constitution
John Marshall 1st Supreme Court Chief Justice
Lewis and Clark explorers of the Louisiana Territory
Sacajawea Native American who helped Lewis and Clark while they explored the Louisiana Territory
Francis Scott Key Wrote Star Spangled Banner
James Monroe 5th POTUS during Era of good feelings. Issued the Monroe Doctrine that became important to the U.S foreign policy
John Quincy Adams 6th POTUS, helped negotiate the Adams Onis Treaty. Won 1824 election or corrupt bargain
Eli Whitney Inventor of Cotton Gin and Interchangeable parts
Robert Fulton Inventor of Steam Boat.
Andrew Jackson 7th POTUS. Started the present day Democratic Party. Portrayed as a common man. His Indian Removal Act led to the Trail of Tears, Kitchen Cabinet, Nullification Crisis, Bank Crisis and ignored Supreme Court ruling in Worcester V. Georgia
Cherokee Indians Indian tribe hoped that adopting white culture would prevent conflicts. Cherokees refused to move west when gold was discovered on their land, but were forced to move even after the Supreme Court ruled that they can keep their land in Worcester v Georgia
John C. Calhoun U.S Representative and Senator from South Carolina, VP under AJ. Was strong supporter of states' rights.
Daniel Webster MA senator. known for his strong desire to preserve the Union and stance against nullification. Hw is quoted as saying "Liberty and Union now and forever, one and inseperable
Henry Clay Great Compromiser from Kentucky. Authored the Missouri Compromise and Compromise of 1850. He introduced American System which was a plan to improve roads and canals
Frederick Douglass Leading African American abolitionist. He was a former slave who became a famous speaker and writer. He published a newspaper called "The North Star"
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Leader of women's rights movement. she and Lucretia Mott organized the Seneca Falls Convention. Authored Declaration of Sentiments
Susan B. Anthony a reformer that worked in the abolitionist and temperance movement and dedicated her life to the women's suffrage movement.
Henry David Thoreau Transcendentalist who protested the Mexican American War by not paying his taxes. He explained the reasoning in his famous essay, Civil Disobedience
Hudson River School artists group of artists that primary painted landscapes that showed American history and beauty.
John James Audubon Hudson River School member and was known as a naturalist specializing in painting the birds of America
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States of America. Argued that succession was a necessity not a choice.
Abraham Lincoln 16th POTUS during Civil War. Killed by James Booth. Gave Gettysburg Address
Robert E. Lee commander of the Confederate troops from VA
Ulysses S. Grant Union troops commander. General Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox Court House ending Civil War. Later becomes 18th POTUS
Hiram Rhodes Revels Methodist minister who served as a chaplain in the Union army, became the first African American elected to the U.S Senate
Phillip Bazaar Chilean immigrant and resident of the MA. Member of the U.S Navy during Civil War. Awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his bravery during Civil War
William Carnery Former Slave who enlisted in the all African American 54th MA regiment during the Civil War. 1st African American to won the Congressional Medal of Honor
Thomas Stonewall Jackson Famous Confederate General known for his courageous ability to face an opposing army like stonewall
Created by: iluvaction