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Important People

Quiz for Thursday

John Smith Saved Jamestown by making the work or starve rule
John Rolfe made Jamestown prosperous by growing tobacco. Married Pocahontas which helped relations between the settlers and Native Indians
William Penn Quaker who founded Pennsylvania as a refuge for Quakers. Pennsylvania had a democratic form of government
Rodger Williams Started Rhode Island after he as kicked out of Massachusetts. He believed in the separation of church and state
Thomas Hooker Founded Connecticut, aided in the adoption of the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, favored voting rights for all men regardless or religious or property qualifications
James Oglethorpe Founded Georgia as a plate for debtors
Lord Baltimore Founded Maryland as a sage haven for Catholics
Samuel Adams founded the Sons of Liberty and Committees of Correspondence. He was a leading patriot for Massachusetts and the mastermind behind hthe Boston Tea Party
Crispus Attucks Former slave killed during the Boston Massacre
James Armistead African American who served in the Revolutionary War from GW, enlisted as a patriotic spy pretending to be a runaway salve to gain British war secrets
King George III British monarch during the American Revolution, issued the Proclamation of 1763
Thomas Paine Wrote Common Sense to encourage colonists to break away from British and The Crisis to encourage Continental soldiers to fight, he penned the famous line "These are the times that try men's souls"
William Blackstone British attorney and philosopher that had a great influence on the Founding Fathers of the U.S. He taught tat man is granted fundamental rights by God. He is the famous for writing Classic Commentaries on the Laws of England
John Locke English philosopher who believed in the protection for individual rights including life, liberty and property. He believed that if government does not protect people's rights, then they have a right to revolt. His work inspired Thomas Jefferson
Baron Charles de Montesquieu French nobleman famous for his ideas on government and law. He wrote The Spirit of the Laws proposing 3 separate branches of government so no one person or groups of people in government would have too much power.
George Washington Commander of the Continental Army, First President of the United States, Known as the Father of our Country, set many precedents including the farewell address when he warned against political parties and urged Americans to stay neutral
John Adams Member of the Continental Congress, was one the committee to write the Declaration of Independence, served as GW's Vice President, 2nd President of the U.S Served during the XYZ affair, passed Alien and Sedition Acts, nominated John Marshall
Abigail Adams Wife of John Adams, other to John Quincy Adams. Advised her husband on a number of political issues. Her letters to John Adams became a source of information about the American Revolution and early American history
Thomas Jefferson Primary author of DOI, founder of Democratic-Republican Party, Secretary of State under GW, VP under John Adams, 3rd POTUS, passed the Embargo Act, responsible for the Louisiana Purchase, sent Lewis and Clark to explore the Louisiana territory
Marquis de Lafayette Frenchmen who believed in the Patriot cause. He aided the Patriots with the money and supplies. He became a close friend and advisor to GW
Haym Salomon Jewish immigrant who played an important financial role during the American Revolution. He was a patriot and member of the Sons of Liberty. Arrested as a spy by the British and hanged.
Baron Von Stuben German who helped trained the Patriots at Valley Forge
Mercy Otis Warren She was a patriot who wrote plays, poems, and essays supporting the idea of independence.
General Cornwallis British General, surrendered to GW at the Battle of Yorktown
John Paul Jones American Naval hero who famously said "I have not yet begun to fight"
Patrick Henry Patriot from Virginia, famously said "Give me Liberty or Give me Death"
Wentworth Cheswell Grandson to the first African American land owner, founding father, very active in public life, influential town leader, judge and soldier in the American Revolution
Benjamin Franklin Proposed the Albany Plan of Union which would have united the colonies under one government. He helped secureFrench aid during the American Revolution. He was a writer, printer, diplomat and inventor. He helped negotiate Treaty of Paris of 1783
Bernardo de Galvez Spaniard who sided with the Americans during the Revolution. Provided weapons, gunpowder, clothing, and other supplies to help the colonial army. Galveston, Texas is named in his honor
Alexander Hamilton author of some of the Federalist Papers, Founder of the Federalist Party, and Secretary of Treasury under GW, created the National Bank, killed in a duel against Aaron Burr
George Mason outspoken Anti Federalist from Virginia that worked against ratification of the Constitution
Created by: iluvaction
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