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FreEng Adverbs

French-English General Adverbs

ailleurs elsewhere
après later, afterwards, following
assez enough, quite, rather
aussi also, too
bien well, indeed, a lot of [with de, des, du]
bien sûr of course
beaucoup a lot, much [with de, des, du]
combien how much, how long, how many, how often
déjà already, before, ago, again [following a question]
dessus on top of, over, onto
encore still, again
ensemble together
facilement easily
fondamentalement fundamentally
fort loudly, powerfully, deeply, greatly, very, strongly
ici here
jusque until, up to [contracts by dropping the e, with 'au and 'ici]
lentement slowly
maintenant now, today
même even [often used in the negative meaning ‘not even’]
mieux better
partout everywhere
pas negation, no, not
peu not much, not very, not many, few, shortly
peut-être maybe, perhaps
en plein air outdoors
plus more [also has complex forms with ne not yet learned]
plutôt rather, instead, kind of, pretty much
poliment politely
puis then
quand même anyway, anyhow, just the same, all the same
rarement rarely, seldom
si so, such [intensifier]
seulement only, just
surtout above all, especially
tout à fait entirely, exactly, quite
très very
trop too, too much
toujours always
vraiment truly, really, genuinely, very [as intensifier]
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