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EngFre Verbs-1st Grp

English-French Verbs in the 1st Group /Regular -ER

to give birth, deliver a baby accoucher
to purchase, to buy acheter
to adore, to worship adorer
to put up, to post, to flaunt afficher
to help, to aid aider
to love aimer
to announce, to predict annoncer*
to call, to call for appeler*
to arrive, to happen arriver
to associate associer
to bathe baigner
to calculate calculer
to change, to exchange changer
to sing chanter
to load, to charge with charger*
to look for, to seek chercher
to quote, to cite, to summon citer
to check (e.g. on a form) cocher
to start, to begin commencer*
to communicate communiquer*
to complete or complement compléter*
to count, to include compter
to concern concerner
to confirm, to uphold confirmer
to cost coûter
to dance danser
to ask, to ask for demander
to spend dépenser
to hate, to detest détester
to give donner
to shower doucher
to listen to écouter
to kiss / to embrace, with love embrasser
to employ, to use employer*
to enter, to come in, to go in entrer
to send, to give, to throw/kick envoyer*
to spell épeler*
to marry, to wed épouser
to hope espérer
to study étudier
to express exprimer
to close, to shut fermer
to form, to organize, to shape former
to smoke or steam [incl emit] fumer
to win, to earn, to obtain gagner*
to taste, to snack goûter
to live in, to live at habiter
to imagine, to suppose imaginer
to connote, to indicate, to show indiquer*
to inform, to enlighten informer
to interest, to affect intéresser
to play, to act jouer
to justify justifier
to wash laver
to locate, to localize localiser
to eat manger*
to marry sb to sb, to combine marier*
to go up, to climb, to mount monter
to show montrer
to swim nager*
to watch, to observe observer
to talk, to speak parler
to divide up, to share partager
to participate, to donate participer
to spend time, to drop in passer
to pay payer*
to think penser
to place, to seat placer*
to cry, to lament, to mourn pleurer
to carry, to wear porter
to put down, to place, to hang, to lay, to ask poser
to prefer préférer*
to introduce, to present présenter
to pronounce prononcer*
to propose, to suggest proposer
to question questionner
to leave, to quit quitter
to listen again réécouter
to look at, to watch, to view regarder
to meet, to come across rencontrer
to repeat répéter*
to stay, to remain, to be left rester
to wake sb up, to awaken réveiller*
to dream, to daydream rêver
to greet, to say hello to saluer
to seem sembler
to grip tightly, to squeeze serrer
to hope for souhaiter
to bear, to ensure, to tolerate supporter
to draw, to write tracer*
to work, to work on travailler
to find trouver
to use utiliser
to visit visiter
to fly, to steal voler
to travel voyager*
to help os, to help eo s'aider
to be in love, to love eo s'aimer
to be called, to call eo s'appeler
to partner with eo s'associer
to take a bath, to go swim se baigner
to change os, to get changed se changer
to wonder se demander
to exert os se dépenser
to give one’s all se donner
to take a shower se doucher
to kiss eo s'embrasser
to express os se exprimer
to imagine os, to picture os s'imaginer
to find out about s'informer
to be interested in s'intéresser
to justify os se justifier
to wash off (part of) os se laver
to marry so, to marry w/st se marier
to show os to be, appear as se montrer
to talk to eo se parler
to be divided into/between se partager
to introduce os se présenter
to give a decision on se prononcer
to offer to do, to suggest to do se proposer
to meet eo se rencontrer
to repeat to os, to do over se répéter
to wake up se réveiller
to tolerate each other se supporter
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