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UND 363 Warthin Star

UND 363 Warthin Starry

purpose for Warthin Starry demo spirochetes
Principle for Warthin Starry argyrophil method (ability to bind or be impregnated with silver ions but require reducing agent) - spirochetes can bind silver but need hydroquinone to reduce to visible
fix for Warthin Starry NBF
microns 4-5
QC for Warthin Starry tissue with spirochetes (MUST use new plastic centrifuge tubes and chemically clean glassware and non metalic forceps
4 reagents in order for Warthin Starry 1)adiculated water (h20 and citric acid) - must be ph 4 for spirochetes, 2)silver nitrate (1%) - impregnation, 3)hydroquinone - reducer, 4)developer - silver nitrate, gelatin, hydroquinone (reducer)
resultes spirochetes/other bacteria - black, background pale yellow to lt brown
If underdeveloped what will the stain appear as and the FIX yellow instead of black, FIX - develop new slides, or rehydrate and develop with fresh mixture
If OVERdeveloped what occurs and what can be done FIX -treat with iodine and sodium thiosulfate to remove color and then restain therefore it will non-selectively blacken ALL bacteria (use as screening method)
what occurs to the hydroquinone via reduction it is oxidized to quinone
Created by: mustangvxd