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UND 363 Diff Quick

UND 363 Diff Quick Giemsa

purpose For Diff Quik Giemsa stain heliobacter pylori (H. Pylori) A flagellated, spiral shaped baceria linked to ulcers and carcinoma
principle For Diff Quik Giemsa COMMERCIALLY MADE modified romanowsky stain - "neutral dyes combine with basic dye methylene blue and acid dye Eosin"
if the ph is more alkaline what will occur to the methylene blue it will give rise to new substances that are metachromatic
what is typically used instead of methyl violet in this commercial stain weighed amounts of Azures (it has both azure A and methylene blue in its "solution 2"
fixative For Diff Quik Giemsa formalin
micron 4-5
QC For Diff Quik Giemsa sections with heliobacter Pylori (H. Pylori)
reagents in order "solution 1" (eosin y buffered) stains cyto red, "Solution 2" (Azure A and methylene blue mix) - stains nuclei and bacteria blue, Acetic adic water - Diff'r
what is the purpose of the Fixative solution in the Commercial Diff Quick Giemsa it is not used in histology
results For Diff Quik Giemsa H. pylori/nuclei - dk. blue, other bacteria - blue, cytoplasm - pink
what will occur if the stained slides are left in the last distilled water or in dehydrating alcohol too long it will lead to excess decolorization.
Created by: mustangvxd