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Treaty of Versailles

Weimar Germany

What backed up the governments association with failure? The signing of the Treaty of Versailles.
Why did they have no option but to sign it? If they didn't, the British wouldn't remove their blockade and Germany would starve.
Why did the Germans hate that it was signed? It made them look weak.
When was the Treaty signed? On 28th June 1919.
How did the Big Three feel about the terms in the end? None of them were happy.
First section of terms: Germany had to fully accept responsibility for starting the war.
Economic terms: In 1921 it was decided that £6,600 million would be paid to the allies. If the terms of payment had not been changed in 1929 under the Young Plan, Germany would not have stopped paying until 1984!
Territorial terms (1): Germany's overseas empire was taken away (had been cause of bad relations between Britain & Germany before the war). Germany's former colonies were made mandates under the L.O.N. which effectively meant that Britain & France controlled them.
Germany's former overseas empire do i need to know about this in detail? :/
Territorial terms (2) summary]: Originally Germany's European borders had been very extensive. This made dealing with them very complicated.
Territorial terms (2) 1] Alsace Lorraine was given to France.
Territorial terms (2) 2] North Schleswig was given to Denmark after a vote.
Territorial terms (2) 3] West Prussia & Posen were given to Poland.
Territorial terms (2) 4] Upper Silesia was given to Poland.
Territorial terms (2) 5] Part of East Prussia was given to Lithuania.
Territorial terms (2) 6] The Rhineland was demilitarized.
Territorial terms (2) 7] Germany wasn't allowed to have an ally with Austria.
Territorial terms (2) 8] The city of Danzig would be run under the L.O.N. & would have to give Poland a sea port.
Territorial terms (2) 9] The Saarland would be run under the L.O.N. for 15 years.
Territorial terms (2) 10] Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia (previously taken by Germany from Russia in 1918) would become independent states.
Military terms (1) The army was limited to just 100,000 men.
Military terms (2) Conscription was banned.
Military terms (3) Germany was not allowed armored vehicles, submarines or aircraft.
Military terms (4) The navy was only allowed 6 battleships.
Military terms (5) The Rhineland was demilitarized. Important because this was the border between France and Germany, and having soldiers here would've been unsafe for France!
What was the League of Nations? The international 'police force' set up as previous methods of keeping peace had failed. Germany was not invited to join the L.O.N. until it had shown that they were a peace loving country!
Created by: eloiseis
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