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MS studies ch.7-8

Segregation Separation of the races
Lynching mob murder by hanging, shooting, or burning
Credit the ability to buy something now and pay for it later
Sharecroppers persons who did not own the land they farmed, the house they lived in or often the tools they used
Boll weevil a small beetle that cotton crop for several years
Gold Standard the dollar was convertible into gold only
Populist demanded tariff reform, a graduated income tax, regulation of rail-roads, the use of silver as money, and the direct election of U.S. senators
Patronage appointing people to government positions as rewards for political support
Primary an election to nominate candidates for office in which all of a political party's members vote for the candidates of their choice
Progressive movement people who believed that government was best equipped to correct the ills of society
Lobbyist a person paid to represent the interests of a company or special group
Migration movement from 1 state to settle to another one
Capital investment spending money to build factories, highways, and buildings
Junior colleges schools that offered the first 2 years of college work
Fiberboard a building material made of compressed wood fines, and opened a factory to produce his new wood product
Prohibition a period when the making and selling of alcoholic beverages was illegal
Moonshine illegally distilled liquor
Depression a continued downturn in economic activity
New Deal a wide variety of programs passed during the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt that were designed to improve the economy and society and to relieve the suffering of the unemployment
BAWI Balance agriculture with industry, a program established by Governor White in 1963 to develop MS's industrial base to match its agricultural base
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