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S.S. Bar exam (Gr 7)

How many articles are in the constitution? 7
What is checks and balances? When one branch of the government checks the power of another branch to make sure the power is equal
What is an example of checks and balances? -Congress makes law -Executive vetoes law -Judiciary says law is illegal
How many amendments have been made to the Constitution? 27
What is the job of the Executive branch? -Carries out laws -President, Vice president, president's cabinet -President has term of 4 years
What is the job of Congress? -Makes laws
What is the job of the Judicial Branch? -Evaluates laws
What can the legislative branch do if the president vetoes a bill? Vote again and override the veto with a 2/3s vote in both houses
Who has the power to veto laws? President
Who has the power to review all laws and treaties of the United States? Supreme Court
Who must approve all judges, cabinet members, and ambassadors appointed by the president? Senate
Who must approve all treaties with foreign countries? Senate
What branch of government can check the power of the judiciary by exercising the power of impeachment? Legislative(Congress)
Who has the power to print and coin money? Congress
Who maintains control over the postal system? Congress
What is the "supreme law of the land?" All laws and treaties
What does the Constitution say about what laws are reserved for the states to make? Powers not given to the national gov. or that are not prohibited to the states
Under whose approval must new states have before they can be created? Congress
How long is the term of office for justices on the Supreme Court? For Life
How many members are on the Supreme Court? 9
Who has the power to settle disputes between the states? Supreme Court
Under what conditions can a justice be removed from the Supreme Court? Treason
What is the minimum age to be in the House of Representatives 25 years
How long is a term for members in the house of Reps.? 2 years
How old must you be in order to be elected to the Senate? 30 years
If elected to the Senate, how long will your term be? 6 years
How was it decided how many representatives a state will receive in the house? Population (1 rep. per 30,000 people)
Who can declare war? Congress
Any law involving taxes must start in which side of Congress? House of Representatives
What is the minimum age to be president? 35 years
If elected president how long will your term be? 4 years
Who is the commander in chief of the U.S. military? The president
Who can make treaties with foreign countries? The president
Who has the power to impeach the president? House of Representatives
Who can conduct the impeachment trial if charges are brought against the President? Senate
Who has the power to propose amendments to the constitution? Senate
Which amendment gave women the right to vote? 19th amendment
How many amendments have been made to the constitution? 27 amendments
Who approves amendments to the constitution? States
Name 3 powers controlled by the national government 1)Print Money 2)Declare War 3)Establish Post offices
Name 3 powers controlled by the state government 1)Establish local governments 2)Issue licenses (Driver, hunting, marriage, etc.) 3) Establish schools
Name 3 powers shared by the national government and state 1)Creating and collecting taxes 2)Building highways 3)Setting up courts
What is the 19th amendment and when was it ratified? -Gave women the right to vote -Passed by Congress June 4, 1919 -Ratified August 18, 1920
Describe the supreme court -Supreme Court -9 Justices (unlimited term) -Chief Justice is John Roberts jr.
Describe the House of Reps. -House of Rep. -435 members(Maximum was capped at 435 in 1911)(Used to be 1 out of 30,000) -29 reps. for NY
Describe the Senate -Senate -100 members(2 per state)
Created by: ItIsMe123



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