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KSH-Kansas History 3

Study Guide for Kansas History Test over Chapter 3

Annie Marshall Grinter A member of the Delaware Indian tribe who operated a ferry boat on the Kansas River.
William Becknell A Missouri trader who helped to start the Santa Fe Trail.
Lewis and Clark Explorers sent by President Jefferson to the Louisiana Purchase to find a water route to the Pacific.
Zebulon Pike The first American explorer who traveled across Kansas, but he then became lost in Spanish territory.
Stephen Long An American explorer who published a map of Kansas calling it the Great Desert.
Francisco Coronodo A Spanish explorer who travel to Kansas searching for the city of Gold.
Relationship with Indians on the the Oregon-California Trail Usually got along with immigrants moving west on the trail
How long did it take to travel to the West Coast on the Oregon-California Trail? 4-6 months
What did travelers on the Santa Fe Trail often have to ration so they wouldn't run out of this item? Food
Manifest Destiny The belief that the United States should expand westward from the Atlantic to the Pacific.
Eminent Domain The government had the right to take your land as long as they paid you a fair amount for the land.
What was the impact of the Indian Removal Act on the Indians relocated to Kansas? It increased tensions among the tribes.
Indian tribes forced to emigrate to Kansas were assigned to... reservations
What happened to the population of America in the 1800's? It increased dramatically
Why did Lewis and Clark like Kansas? It had a variety of game animals to hunt and the prairie was beautiful.
Besides trade goods, what did the Europeans bring to the American Indians they were trading with? Diseases
Who was living in Kansas when the Spanish and French explorers first came to Kansas? Native American Indians
Who moved west on the Oregon-California Trail? families looking to make new homes and a new life
What was the Santa Fe Trail used for? trading and moving freight
Why were Mission Schools created? To convert Indians to Christianity and to teach them vocational skills
When Indians were moved to Kansas, what made it difficult to follow their traditional way of life? the living conditions in Kansas were so unfamiliar to them.
Why did Americans think Kansas might be a good place to relocate the Indian tribes to? I was known as the Great Desert and would a difficult place for Americans to settle and farm.
What did French traders come to Kansas to do? Establish trading relationships with the Native American tribes located here.
What Indian tribe in Kansas did Francisco Coronado visit? Wichita
Created by: ColbyHistory