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Middle Ages history

Moat A ditch filled with water that surrounds the castle
Siege An attack of a castle
Tower structure protects castle, above castle
Turrett smaller towers on top of tower
Arrow Loop hole, window to shoot through
Draw Bridge bridge that lifts up, ditch
Portcullis gate with pointy spikes on grid to smash down, shoot through holes, protects gate
Gate House structure that protects the gate
Embrasure tooth design on top of portcullis
Dungeon a prison cell underground of castle
Keep the place that the lord and his family stayed, safest part in the castle
Great Hall main room of a castle
Curtain Walls Walls in-between towers
Murder Hole hidden hole to drop stuff from above
Garderobe toilet
Cesspit the place the disposal went(sewage)
Bailey the place where blacksmith and warriors stayed, where warriors practiced, next to motte
Mtte and bailey considered the first defense
Hording wall protects from anything, made from greenwood
Vassal the lord gives you a place to stay and food, and you and your family until in-exinstsint have to give him service
Men at arms soldier,class below a knight, for every 1 knight 10 men at arms
stages of becoming a knight @ 5 years lived with knight gave him a hard time prepare him, @ 5 years always armed, 5-14 page boy, 14-19 squire (servant for knight), 20+ knight
Level of Royalty(Men) (Royal Lords) King, Prince Royal, Prince, Duke (Lords) Earl, Count, Viscount, Baron Knight
Level of Royalty(Women) (Royal Lords) Queen, Princess Royal, Princess, Duchess (Lords) Countess, Countess, Viscountess, Baroness
Why Rome fell(4 reasons) Empires split into two, Eastern and Western, lack of gold and silver, way to replace leader was to kill everybody in front of you, inflation money raised
Pax Romana 180 years with no war
Waddle and Daub houses made out of weaved tree limbs and mushed animal waste
Yin and Yang everything =
Silk Road trading route, ideas and items passed, China to Europe
Samurai Japaneese warrior
Bushido The way of the warrior, honesty code
Kami Shintu Kami was the religion of the Samurai
Sepuko traditional suiscide with the Katana sword
shield with lightning bolt red and black, strenght and wisdom
star sign
Created by: Rocketmikey
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