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Art History Test 1

Madonna and Child Enthroned Cimabue 13th Century Florence
Madonna and Child Enthroned Giotto 14th Century Florence
Dome, Florence Cathedral Brunelleschi 15th Century Pera del Duomo Florence
Four Crowned Martyrs Nanni di Banco 15th Century Florence
Brancacci Chapel Masaccio 15th Century Florence Felice Brancacci
Tribute Money Masaccio 15th Century Florence Felice Brancacci
The Book of Hours Limbourg Brothers 15th Century Flanders Duc Jean de Berry
The Adoration of the Magi Unknown 16th Century Flanders Gallay Family
Arnolfini Double Portrait Jan van Eyck 15th Century Flanders Giovanni Arnolfini
Cope of the Order of the Golden Fleece Flemish artists 15th Century
Demons Tormenting St. Anthony Schongauer 15th Century
Page with Garden of Love, Hypnerotomachi Poliphili Aldus Manutius 15th Century Venice
Mona Lisa da Vinci 16th Century Florence Francesco del Giocondo
Vitruvian Man da Vinci 15th Century
David Michelangelo 16th Century Florence Opera del Duomo
The Four Apostles Durer 16th Century Germany
St. Peter's Basilica and Piazza Bernini 17th Century Rome Pope Alexander 7
Baldacchino Bernini 17th Century Rome Pope Urban 8
Cathedra Petri Bernini 17th Century Rome Pope Urban 8
Cornaro Chapel with the Ecstasy of St. Teresa of Avila Bernini 17th Century Rome Cardinal Federigo Cornaro
The Calling of St. Matthew Caravaggio 17th Century Rome Cardinal Matthieu Cointrel
Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting Gentileschi 17th Century
Palace of Versailles Louis Le-Vau and Jules Hardoin-Mansart 17th Century Versailles King Louis XIV Gardens = Andre Le Notre
A Pastoral Landscape Claude Lorrain 17th Century
The Hall of Mirrors Louis Le-Vau and Jules Hardoin-Mansart 17th Century Versailles King Louis XIV
St. Serapion Zurbaran 17th Century Seville, Spain Merced Monastary
Las Meninas Velazquez 17th Century Madrid, Spain King Philip 4
Created by: taz18
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