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Race Test 8

This is the separation of people, usually based on race or religion. Segregation
What is the unfair difference in the treatment of people called? discrimination
During Reconstruction who began to have power in Virginia's government and could vote? African American men
After reconstruction the gains made by African Americans were lost because of what laws passed by southern states? Jim Crow Laws
Jim Crow Laws established segregation or ______ of the races and reinforced prejudices held by whites. separation
Name four ways the Jim Crow Laws effected African American life. 1. Poll Tax and voting tests kept African Americans from voting. 2. Difficult to hold public office or vote. 3. African Americans were forced to use separate drinking fountains. 4. Separate schools for African Americans.
After the Civil War and Reconstruction Virginia's ______ grew with people, businesses, and factories. cities
What was the key to the expansion of business, agriculture, and industry? They facilitated the growth of small towns to cities. Railroads
Railroad centers stimulated the growth of ________ where clothing, furniture, and other useful items were made. factories
Which city became a railroad center? Roanoke
Richmond, Norfolk, and Newport News were bustling with activity as the railroad brought new ________ and people to the areas. jobs
Tell two more cities that also grew rapidly after Reconstruction. Petersburg Alexandria Lynchburg
What was found in Tazewell County and then in surrounding counties after the Civil War? This became a source of livelihood for residents of southwest Virginia. coal deposits
As Virginia began to grow the need for better what increased? roads
After the Civil War, what began to grow and contribute to Virginia's economy? industry technology transportation cities
What farm product became an important Virginia industry? tobacco
During the twentieth century, Virginia changed from a _______, agricultural society to a more ______, industrial society. rural urban
After Reconstruction, Virginia cities began to what? grow
Give two reasons for the decline of agricultural society. 1. Old systems of farming were no longer effective 2. Crop prices were low.
Give two reasons for what caused Virginia cities to grow. 1. People moved from rural areas to urban areas for economic opportunities 2. Technological developments in transportation, roads, railroads, and streetcars helped cities grow.
Why did people move to Virginia from other states and nations? 1. Jobs 2. Freedom 3. Virginia's beauty and quality of life
Since the end of World War II, Northern VA has experienced growth due to increases in the number of ________ _________ located in this region. Federal jobs
Both Northern Virginia and the Tidewater region have grown due to what technology? Computer
After World War II, African Americans demanded _____ ______ and the recognition of their rights as American Citizens. equal treatment
Laws were passed that made racial discrimination illegal as a result of what? Civil Rights Movement
What is the abolishment of racial segregation? desegregation
What is the full equality of all races in the use of public facilities? integration
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1954 (Brown v. Board of Education) that "separate but equal" public schools were what? unconstitutional
All public schools, including those in Virginia were ordered to do what? Integrate
Virginia's government established a policy which fought to "resist" the integration of public schools. This was called what? Massive Resistance
Some schools were _______ to avoid integration. closed
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