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comander of the continental army george washington
xyz affair happened during his presidncy john adams
founder of the democratic republican party thomas jefferson
called the father of the constitution; president during the war of 1812; democratic republican james maddison
president during the era of good freeling; florida wa spurchsed during his presidency james monroe
lost the election of 1824 to andrew jackson but was chosen president by andrew jackson. john quicy adams
responsible for the indian removal act; the nullification crisis; destoyed the power of the national bank. andrew jackson
panic of 1837; democratic party martin van buren
shortest serving president; first president to die in office ; whig paryy. william henry harrison.
first vice to becom president due to presidential death.;texas became a state during his precidency; whig party; john tyler
first president to have his election announced over telegrapgh; fully embraced manifest destiny; settled the oregon dispute; mexican war happened during his presidency; gained southwestern part of mexico; nickname young hickory; democrat james k polk
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