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Race Test 2

Which body of water was a source of food and transportation? Chesapeake Bay
Yorktown is located along which river? York River
Each river was a source of food and provided a pathway for ______ and _________ of Virginia. exploration settlement
The Eastern Shore is a _________ bordered by the Chesapeake Bay to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. peninsula
Who were the first people to live in Virginia? American Indians (First Americans)
Christopher Columbus called the people he found in the lands he discovered "Indians" because he thought he was in the ________ (near China). Indies
What evidence is there that American Indians (First Americans) lived in all areas of the state? artifacts
Name two artifacts found in the state of Virginia. arrowheads pottery tools
Name the three major language groups found in Virginia Algonquian, Siouan, Iroquoian
The ________ were a member of the Algonquian language group Powhatan
What was spoken in Southwestern Virginia and in Southern Virginia near what is today North Carolina? Iroquoian
Which language group was spoken primarily in the Piedmont region? Siouan
Which language group was spoken primarily in the Tidewarer region? Algonquian
The Cherokee were a part of this language group? Iroquoian
The __________ in Virginia is relatively mild with distinct seasons - spring, summer, fall, and winter - resulting in a variety of vegetation. climate
__________ which have a variety of trees, cover most of the land in Virginia. Forests
Virginia's Indians are referred to as ________ _______ Indians. Eastern Woodland
The kinds of food they ate, the clothing they wore, and the shelters they had depended upon the _________. (American Indians) seasons
In winter, the American Indians hunted ________ and _________. birds and animals
In ________, the American Indians fished and picked berries. spring
In ________, the American Indians grew crops (beans, corn, squash). summer
In fall, the American Indians ________ _______. harvested crops
What are the characteristics of Virginia's climate? relatively mild with distinct seasons
What did the American Indians use for clothing? Animal skins (deerskin)
What did the American Indians use for shelter? Shelter was made from materials around them
In what year was the first permanent English settlement in America founded? 1607
England wanted to establish an American colony to increase her ______ and ______. wealth and power
What did England hope to find in America? silver and gold
An American settlement would furnish _____ _______ that could not be grown or obtained in England, while opening new markets for trade. raw materials
Jamestown was primarily an ___________ venture. economic
Who financed the settlement of Jamestown? The stockholders of the Virginia Company of London
Created by: Providence4