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Civil War

state rights a states interest should take precedence over the interests of the national government
nullfication to declare invalid
missori compromise law passed by congress in 1820 by which Maine entered the union as a free state, missouri entered the union as a slave state and slavery was prohibted north of the southern border of missouri
ompromise of 1850 law passed by congress by which Cali. entered in the Dis. of columbia, texas gave up its claims to new mexio in exchange for $, residents of determine whether they wanted slavery, & a stronger fugitive slave act was enatced
GA platform a statement of the principles & policies the party
kansas-nebraska act law that created the territories of kansas & Nebraska that contained a clause on popular sovereignty that negated the compromise of 1850
dred scott case a US supreme Court decision in 1857 that a slave wasn't a citizen and couldn't beg in a legal case against anyone. he was a slave who wanted a court to say he was free because his owener took him to free state. this case led indirectly to the civil war
election of 1860 four man race led by lincoln at stake during the election was the policy of slavery southerners wanted the slave codes to be preserved whereas northerners hoped to contain it
alexander stephens vice president of the confederacy 1861-65
antietam a creek flowing from S. penn. through NW Maryland into the potomac: civil war bottle fought near here at sharpsburg, maryland, in 1862
gettysburg a borough in S.Penn: confederate forces defeated in a crucial battle of civil warfougnear here on July 1-3, 1863
chickmauga a confederate victory in the american civil war; confederate forces under Braxton Bragg defeated Union forces
union bockade during the civil war the union navy blocke off suther cities, primarily St.louis and created war
shermans march to the sea a movement of the union army troops of general william sheraman from atl. to the coast. destroying confed. supplies the march began after captured atlanta in the fall of 1864
andersonville a village of SW- central GA N, NE of america. its notorious confed prison, where more than 12,000 soliders died during the civil war, is now a national historic site
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