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ID Test 1A

PLU - History 210 Ch. 1

Bilateral Diplomacy a relationship, two states deal with each other one-on-one
Bipolar international system, two dominant states
Colonialism the direct administration of a territory and its people by an outside power
Culture Areas analytic categories of geographic regions, based on the similarity of the ethnic groups within them
General Assembly institution of the United Nations, all member states are represented with one vote each. Serves as a forum for debating and voting on resolutions dealing with world issues
Globalization the process of increasing interconnectedness between societies such that events in one part of the world affect more and more people and societies far away
Government the one institution in a society that has legitimate claim to exercise decisive authority over its population
International Government Organization (IGO) agencies deal with global or regional interests (their members are states)
International Monetary Fund (IMF) this IGO provides loans to member states to stabilize their currencies
Legitimacy this attitude accepts that the existing government is justified, its laws should be obeyed, and its rule conforms to commonly accepted values
Most-favored-nation status the agreement between two states which lower their tariffs with each other to match the lowest that each charges any other trading partners on a specific category of product
Multilateral Diplomacy states negotiate and take action within the framework of IGOs
Nation an ethnic/cultural group that has several shared characteristics such as language, history, and religion
Nationalism an individual's feeling of identity with an ethnic group based on several shared characteristics, such as language, history, religion
Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) private groups formed to take action in response to a specified global issue, such as threats to the natural environment or human rights
Patriotism placing one's primary identity and loyalty in the state
Security Council the Charter of the United Nations has given this institution the important role of responding to threats to the world peace
State complex political structure includes citizens from a variety of nations (ethnicities) - considered most powerful institution in the international system & have four characteristics: territory, government, loyal population, & recognition from other states
United Nations worldwide political international governmental organizations includes almost all of the world's states as members
World Bank this IGO provides loans to member states for specific development projects
World Trade Organization (WTO) the successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT); WTO fosters free trade
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