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Tribeca Test

Invention, Industrialization, Wealth, and Corruption

Entrepreneur organizer and operator of the business. He takes on greater financial risks than normal
Capital money or property used in a business; used to build factories, buy raw materials, and hire the employees
Profit a financial gain
The American Dream the idea that anyone could be financially successful no matter how humble their beginnings
philantrophist generous donation of money to good causes.
Assembly line introduced by Henry Ford a continuous moving belt carrying parts past workers
Mass production manufacturing of large quantities of the same item, need for more unskilled labor
Working conditions no programs for the unemployed, high temperatures poisonous gasses
Company Towns believed keeping workers healthy and happy would make them more productive
Labor unions: a workers organization that would try to obtain better wages and better working conditions
Knights of Labor: first influential union in the US goal was to organize all workers supported equal pay for men and women in the same job
American Federation of Labor: sought gradual improvement in working conditions
Homestead Strike: AFL steelworks ask for raise at Carnegie steel plant workers locked out of by managemen
C’oeur d’Alene, Idaho miners reject a wage reduction are locked out
Pullman Strike buisness declined lowered wages by 1/3 w/o lowering prices in company stores workers went on strike plant shut down established precedents of using court orders and federal troops to end strike
nativism a policy of favoring native born inhabitants over immigrants-fear they would American culture
Created by: Jessica_