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America expanding

AP US History

Where was the US mostly isolationist in mid-1800s Focused on reconstruction after the civil war, rebuilding the economy
Social Darwinism and imperialism meant that the earth belonged to the strong and fit (America)
Why did some people in Hawaii want to join the US? US has high tariffs and sugar planters didn't want to pay to export
what's going on in Cuba in 1890s Cubans rose against the Spanish, because of economic issues
scorched-earth policy Cubans scorched cane fields, sugar mills, and passenger trails to drive out the Spanish
Yellow journalism William Randolph Hearst and Joseph Pulitzer competed against each other to try to persuade Americans to go to war
Maine incident Sent a battleship Maine to Cuba for a "friendly visit" but actually to protect and evacuate Americans if something dangerous happened. Maine mysteriously blew up, because of yellow journalism America wanted war
American opinion on Cuban independence The US didn't want Spain around but they didn't want an independent Cuba
Teller Amendment Proclaimed to the world that when US overthrows Spanish misrule, it would give Cubans their freedom
why does the US have problems with Spain in the Philippines? They wanted Hawaii, had a lot of resources, and they were owned by Spain
during the war for the Philippians, interest in Hawaii came about again, why? They needed Hawaii as a coaling and a station to send supplies and reinforcements to Dewy. Also worried Japan might gab it while the US was distracted
Rough Riders Roosevelt's invading army, volunteers short on discipline
Territoral results of Spanish American War? Cuba was freed from Spanish rule. American got Guam and Puerto Rico (payment for the war)
What was McKinley final decision on the Philippians? He didn't want to give them back to Spanish misrule, he claimed he went to pray and heard an inner voice telling him to go take the Philippians, Christianize and civilize them
Anti-imperialists view against the US annexation of the Philippines? anti-imperialist League Taking them would destroy American commitment to self determination and anti colonialism, said it would be of no benfit, it wouldn't turn a profit
Foraker Act Gave Puerto Ricans a limited degree of popular government and outlawed cock fights
Do constitutional freedoms apply to Philippians and PR? the supreme court ruled they were subjected to American rule but not American rights
Platt amendment Brought Cuba under American power so someone didn't steal it away, forced to agree to not make treaties that would compromise their independence, agreed the US could intervene with troops if seem fit
Boxer Rebellion Chinese Christians were murdered because they didn't want to be used as door mats by Western Powers
Big stick foreign policy TR believes to speak softly but carry a big stick, let your actions speak
Benefits of a canal across central America? Strengthen the navy by increasing its mobility. Make easier to defend Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and the Philippines
Fear of debt collection in Latin America? Venezuela and D.R. were behind in their payment to European creditors, they were tied to them
What was Roosevelt's "collary" to the Monroe Doctrine In order to prevent Germans or British from violating the Monroe Doctrine. The US itself paid off their debt, no outsiders could come around except America
Overtime how was the Roosevelt collary used Used to justify intervention in Latin America whenever they felt threatened
With the new arrival of Japanese in California what happens in schools they separated the Asians from the whites
Gentlemen's Agreements California was forced to take away the school order and a secret agreement that Tokyo stopped the flow of laborers by withholding passports
Root-Takahira Agreement Japan and the US would respect each others territorial possessions and uphold the Open Door policy in China
How the Other Half Lives Book about the horrible conditions of NY slums. Deeply influenced a future police commissioner, TR.
muckrakers publishers that exposed corruption
Early progressives Middle class, felt pressure from giant corporations and aggressive labor unions
17th amendment Direct election of US senators
Robert Lafollette progressive republican leader, took control from corrupt corporations and gave it to the people
Women's role in progressive movement Settlement houses, they exposed middleclass women to the problems in American cities like poverty, political corruption, horrible living/working conditions. Gave them skills to fight against
Muller v. Oregon Closed women to "male jobs"(mixed reviews) excused them from hard labor
What actions does TR take when PA coal miners threaten to go on strike To operate the mines with federal troops, this is the first time a president threatens to use feds against the people
Department of Commerce and Labor to break the stronghold of monopoly
The Jungle muckrakers writes a book intended to help the workers in canning factories but exposes the horrible conditions their food are in
Meat Inspection Act meat shipped over state lines to federal inspection
Pure food and drug act (FDA) prevent mislabeling of food and medication
Dollar Diplomacy used American investments to boost American political interests overseas, approach to foreign policy
TR New Nationalism increase nation gov power to fix social/economic problems, women suffrage, social issues
Wilson's New Freedom Stronger antitrust legislation, banking reform, and tariffs reductions
Underwood Tariff Bill a great reduction of rates, reduced import fees
Federal Reserve Act 12 central banks, empowered to issue paper money, federal reserve notes
Federal Trade commission new law empowered a commission to search industries involved with interstate commerce, such as meat packers
Jones Act Granted Philippians independence as soon as stable gov was set in place
How did Wilson's action in Haiti and DR contradict anti-imperialist beliefs? After disorder America sent in troops to protect their people. Made a treaty with Haiti to give US supervision of finances and police. Sent marines to DR and took care of their debt
How did alliances start in WW1 Austria > Serbia w/Russia > Austria Hungry w/ Germany > Russia w/ France, Belgium
Central Powers Germany and Austria Hungary, later Turkey and Bulgaria
Allies France, Britain and Russia, later Japan and Italy
How did GB prevent US trade with Germany British control Atlantic, that was the only way for Germany to get through
Germany response to not being able to trade with the US? Berlin announced a submarine war area around Britain
U boats German submarines, deadly!
Lusitania British passenger liner was torpedoed and sank, killing many Americans.
Germany Sussex pledge Agreed not to sink passenger ships and merchant vessels w/o warning
How does Hoover raise necessary resources He wanted people to volunteer them, he used propaganda
18th amendment Prohibition of selling or drinking alcohol
blacks in WW1 served in segregated units usually under white officers
When does Russia drop out of WW1 after Bolshevik revolution
Why didn't isolationists want to be apart of the League of Nations It was big countries coming together , and they wanted to be on their own
what battles over self determination did Wilson fight wanted people to rule themselves
Lodge's 14 reservations Reserved the right of US under Monroe Doctrine, US doesn't have to get involved with foreign countries
Zimmerman note German Zimmerman proposed a German-Mexican Alliance, promises to recover Texas, new Mexico, and Arizona
Wilson's 14 points goals for peace, no more secret treaties, must be freedom of the sea, remove economic barriers, self determination, league of nations to settle world disputes
19th amendment gave all American women the right to vote
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