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History to (Gage) 1

Give Me Liberty

maize a crop that formed the basis of agriculture in the Western Hemisphere
Tenochtitlan The capital city of the Aztec empire, in present-day Mexico
Cahokia A city near present-day St. Louis that was a fortified community created by "mound builders, " which had a population between 10,000 and 30,000 in the year 1200
Iroquois An alliance of five peoples living in present-day New York and Pennsylvania - the Mohawk, Oneido, Cayuga, Seneca, and Onondaga - which formed a Great League of Peace
"Christian Liberty" An idea common in Europe that freedom would come from abandoning the life of sin to embrace the teachings of Christ
Zheng He A Chinese Admiral who led seven large naval expeditions in the Indian Ocean
caravel A ship capable of long-distance travel
factories Portugese fortified trading posts on the western coast of Africa
reconquista The "reconquest" of Spain from the Moors by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
Columbian Exchange The transatlantic flow of goods and people that began with Columbus's voyages
peninsulares Persons of European birth living in the colonies
mestizos Spanish word for person of mixed Native American and European ancestry
encomienda system A Spanish system under which the first settlers had been granted authority over conquered Indian lands with the right to extract forced labor from the native inhabitants
Black Legend Idea that the Spanish New World empire was more oppressive toward the Indians than other European empires; was used as a justification for English imperial expansion
Pueblo Revolt Uprising in 1680 in which Pueblo Indians temporarily drove Spanish colonists out of modern-day New Mexico.
Pope A Pueblo Indian who became the main organizer of an uprising that aimed to drive the Spanish from their colony and restore the Indians' traditional autonomy.
Huguenots French Protestant colonists in America
metis Children of marriages between Indian women and French traders or officials
patroons Shareholders who agreed to transport tenants for agricultural labor
wampum A string of beads used by Indians in religious rituals and as currency
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