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MH chapter 6

Most mining towns needed a/an what to determine the value of the gold assayer
An area was when it no longer yielded gold is considered ? played out
Recovering gold or silver embedded in rock requires ? quartz mining
What separates gold from gravel in a shallow wooden pan. panning
Large rocks were crushed into sand at a/an ? stamp mill
Who discovered the mining potential at Deer Lodge Valley Benetsee
Who discovered the mining potential at Granite Mountain Charles McClure
Who discovered the mining potential at Last Chance Gulch ( Four Georgians
Who discovered the mining potential at Grasshopper Creek John White
Who discovered the mining potential at Alder Gulch Bill Fairweather
The expression “boom and bust” explains a/an ? cycle economic
Merchants and farmers followed prospectors because they knew the miners would need? like food and equipment supplies
what town grew because it was the first major gold strike in Montana Bannack
? was a sting of small towns along Alder Gulch. 14-mile city
The “Georgian Method” is a ? technique gold-panning
Indians and non-Indian settlers had very different attitudes about land. the critical difference was that non-Indian settlers believed in ? ownership of land private
The early settlers build homes from whatever ? were available (materials)
The only racial or ethnic group to have a law specifically excluding them from Montana were the ? Chinese
what were established because the miners were too far away from established governments. miners’ courts
Who was the first governor in Montana Territory. Sidney Edgerton
The new Montana Territory created major problems for the Indians because they were not ? under any laws protected
The discovery of silver in Butte led to people outside of Montana ? to move here wanting
Both Placer and Quartz mining had a strong (negative) impact on the ? environment
Many different people came to Montana during the gold rush days because they were looking for ? adventure
Many different people came to Montana during the gold rush days because they wanted? wealth
Many different people came to Montana during the gold rush days because they supplied items through their ? business
Many different people came to Montana during the gold rush days because they wanted to discover ? new frontiers
Placer mining people worked ? together
Placer mining although basic could be worked by an ? individual
Placer mining required ? equipment inexpensive
Quartz mining took many ? workers more
Quartz mining required ? equipment large
Quartz mining was more ? to operate expensive
A territory is different from a state because The? government appointed leaders federal
A territory is different from a state because territorial representatives could not vote in the U.S.? Congress
A territory is different from a state because it has a ? population smaller
The typical miners were under the age of? 30
The typical miners worked ? long days
The typical miners very few struck it ? rich
Sidney Edgerton persuaded Congress to make Montana a territory by convincing them that the? fields were valuable. gold
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