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Social Studies Test

Mostly About The Lincoln-Douglas Debate

1)A plan that would divide the remainder of the Louisiana purchase into two territories? Kansas-Nebraska act
2)A document stating that neither slavery nor involuntary servitude shall ever exist in any of the territory? Wilmot Proviso
3)In the debate ,this republican stressed that the central issue of the campaign was the spread of the slavery into the west. Abraham Lincoln
4)who served as the chief justice who ruled on the Dred Scott decision? Roger B.Taney
7)what happened in October of 1859 when men took over arsenal in Harpes Ferry ,Virginia in hopes of starting a slave rebellion? John Brown's raid
8)Who was the democratic nominee from Pennsylvania who went on to win the presidential election? James Buchanan
9)why was California Able to enter the into the union as a free state? Compromise of 1850
10)who debated against Lincoln and criticized him for saying the country could not remain a "half state and half free country? Sherman Douglas
11)What made it a crime to help runaway slaves and allowed officials to arrest those slaves in free areas? Fugitive Slave Acts
14)What were some of the results of the intense division in Kansas? There were two opposing governments that were formed,Kansas became angry,and finally violence broke out
15)what were the major ruling s on the Dred Scott decision? Scott was not a citizen and could not be sued in federal court.Scott's residency on free soil did not make him free.The Missouri compromise's ban slavery north of 36'30 was constitution
16)Why did Lincoln make slavery's expansion the central issue at the Lincoln-Douglas debate? He wanted to expose Douglas 's role in the Nebraska Act ,and emphasize the Democratic 's support of the spread of slavery
17)How was Texas affected by the Compromise of 1950? Texas gave up land in New Mexico in exchange for financial aid from the government
18)Why did John Brown's raid lead to some southerners to talk about leaving the union? Southerners worried that other opponents of slavery would attack them or incite rebellion s and that leaving the union was the only way to protect their safety
19)Why was Lincoln viewed by many as moderate candidate during his campaign for presidency? He opposed the spread of slavery,but promised not to abolish it where it already existed
20)Why did some southern states secede form the union? They believed the election of 1860 showed that they had lost power and that Lincoln's views in slavery would lead to it's end.
Created by: Rita708