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HCA 7th Unit 5

Revolutionary War

guerrilla from Spanish "little war," small bands of fighters that use surprise attacks on the enemy army
neutral not favoring one side or the other
mercenary professional soldier hired to fight for a foreign country
Benedict Arnold U.S. Army general in the Continental Army (patriot) who later turned traitor
Battle of Saratoga Battle in upstate New York, victory for the Patriots, turning point in the war, convinced France to join the war on the American side
Marquis de Lafayette French aristocrat who volunteered to fight in Washington's army
Valley Forge site in PA near Philadelphia where Washington and his army camped winter 1777-1778, many hardships
John Paul Jones American sea commander, "father of the US Navy," attacked British ships near British coast
Lord Cornwallis British general who fought in the south; surrendered to Washington at Yorktown, VA, ending the war
Battle of Yorktown final battle of the Revolutionary War, in which French and American forces led by Washington defeated British General Cornwallis
Treaty of Paris 1783, treaty that ended the Revolutionary War
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