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Unit 9 Cotton

How did the end of the Civil War affect the cattle industry? The demand for beef in the East brought rapid growth to the industry.
During which time span did cattle drives and wars with American Indians in Texas take place? 1860 - 1900
I was the son of an American woman captured by the Comanches, the last Chief of the Comanches, and my tribe roamed West Texas. I eventually assimilated into American culture and influenced other American Indians to do so. Who am I? Quanah Parker
What nickname was given to the African-American regiments of the U.S. Army that helped to keep the peace among American Indians in the West after the Civil War? Buffalo Soldiers
The development of ranching instead of farming in West Texas was primarily influenced by _______ ___________. water resources
What is NOT a reason or factor that fostered western expansion into Texas? Failure of cotton crops
Which of the following explains a change in lifestyle of American Indian tribes after the Civil War? Tribes were removed to reservations.
During this period the windmill was introduced to Texas for obtaining water from underground. This allowed farmers and ranchers to water their crops and animals on their own property without having access to a river or aquifer. The title should be ... The Effects of Human Factors on Events in Texas History.
Which group adapted to the environment of Texas with the fewest modifications? American Indian tribes
This celebration is a recognition of Mexican-American teenage girls achieving maturity. This is known as ___________. quinceanera.
Which means of transportation did NOT contribute to the urbanization of Texas in the late 1800s? automobiles.
While windmills of the past assisted in early water production for agriculture, _________ is a water solution for delivering water to ______, _______ ________ today. irrigation...dry, arid land
What characteristics best describe a cattle driver? unselfish and reliable
What are the most important reasons why Germans immigrated to Texas and where they located? They came to cheap land and a good climate, and they settled in areas such as New Braunfels and San Antonio in Central Texas.
What did a cattle drive boss MOST fear? Stampedes.
One major influence of Mexican immigrants on the culture of Texas includes introducing distinctive architecture.
Which crop was in demand from the Civil War era through the 19th century? Cotton
Which nationality or ethnic group settled across the largest area of Texas? Hispanics
Cattle is to _____ _______ as cotton is to _____ ________. West Texas, East Texas
I was the Former Texas Governor, set up the Texas Railroad Commission, and Protected citizens from unfair business practices. Who am I? James Hogg
The range wars between farmers and ranchers were conflicts over everything except ___ _______ __________. the textiles industry
A cattle driver sat on his porch. He was telling stories about the old days when he worked the cattle trails. He told stories about his many drives, but at the end, he hesitated and stated with great certainty "The cattle industry really changed the economy of Texas."
Cattle trampled small farm crops and fences...________ ___ ______ wire...Closing of the open range. Addition of barbed wire
Windmills did/did NOT become important to power railroad engines. Windmills did NOT become important to power railroad engines.
The earliest cattle trail used was known as the ________ trail. Shawnee
After the war, several trails were added to support the growing ________ __________ in Texas. cattle industry
During which years did growth take place most rapidly? 1880 - 1890
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