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New Deal - JL


What were the three goals of the New Deal? relief, recovery and reform
What is the New Deal? Franklin Delano Roosevelt's plan to help fix the problems with the U.S. economy during the Great Depression.
What does the Social Security Administration (SSA) do? provides financial (money) assistance or help for elderly, disabled and unemployed
What did the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) do? employed young men in outdoor projects. These young men built many bridges, paved roads and developed parks.
What is the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)? insurance for banks, government protection for banks to keep banks from going bankrupt
What is the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC)? regulated the stock market by preventing the buying of stock without enough money to pay for it
Which president formed the New Deal? President Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Why did Roosevelt develop the New Deal? to spark the economy and put people back to work
Who paid for all of the New Deal programs? the government
What are relief programs? programs set out to help with the feeding and housing of the poorest American citizens
What are recovery programs? programs designed to help businesses recover by putting money back into the hands of people so they could spend it
What are reform programs? programs that attempted to change the system and prevent the conditions that caused the Great Depression
Created by: jdl6945